Yukimura Ryouta
is part of Prism Pretty Cure! and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Yukimura Ryouta
Yukimura Ryouta profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Also known as Devil-Angel
Home Place Hinanshokibo
Birthday May 9th
Zodiac Taurus
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Height 159 cm
Blood Type O
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light-Pink
Jewel Heart Opal
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Hoshizora Academy
Personal Status
Relatives Yukimura Akemi (mother)
Yukimura Rei (father)
Yukimura Aine
(younger sister)
Hobbies Shopping
Favorite Food Oden
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Irino Miyu (anime)

Yukimura Ryouta (pronounced You-key-moo-ra Row-ta) is one of the supporting characters in Prism Pretty Cure!. He is currently studying abroad in America, but later attends Hoshizora Academy in the high school division. Ryouta is also the older brother of Yukimura Aine.



Ryouta appears as a feminine-looking young man primarily dressed in white, pink and some brown. He has fluffy, pink hair and brownish-pink coloured eyes. He is almost always seen wearing a variety of hats such as brims and beanies. His usual attire consists of a white sweater with blue horizontal strips, brown shorts with suspenders and boots. He is also seen carrying a bag for shopping.


Ryouta's winter attire consists of a loose pink sweater with pompoms hanging from the front overtop of a red-plaid shirt, dark-red-plaid capris, a fluffy brown beanie and brown shoes. He is also seen carrying a bag for shopping.


He is gentle and kindhearted. Laid-back, kind but surprisingly manipulative and cold. Ryouta is a feminine-looking boy who is stated to be the top of his class. He was always pressured to become the successor of the hospital and a doctor himself, and rebelled against his parents over time. Currently, Ryouta is an exchange student in America. He has a very strong relationship with Aine whom he cares deeply for, however, overtime Ryouta strained away from his family during a lingering fight he couldn't cope with.





Yukimura Aine - Aine is Ryouta's younger sister, and closest family member. He is currently studying abroad in America and began to lose contact with Aine since his departure. Eventually, Ryouta moves back to Hinanshokibo and enrols back into Hoshizora Academy. Aine respects and cares for Ryouta to a great extent, often being spoiled by him when they were children. She also found comfort in his presence whenever he visited the hospital. However, during the time her parents and brother fought, Ryouta spent less time with Aine as tensions grew and left for America suddenly under a mutual agreement. Aine still continues to admire Ryouta but missed him tremendously while he was away. Aine refers to him as her "nii-san."


Yukimura Akemi - Akemi is Ryouta's mother, co-owner and doctor of the Yukimura Hospital Incorporation.

Yukimura Rei - Rei is Ryouta's father, co-owner and doctor of the Yukimura Hospital Incorporation.


Grimm - Grimm becomes friends with Ryouta after running into him during his mission of scouting the Pretty Cure, and ends up helping with Ryouta's shopping. Ryouta is the one to give him the nickname "Yoichin~."


  • Etymology
    • Yukimura - Snowy Village
    • Ryouta - Cool Clear



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