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Yousei A. Sina
Yōsei A. Shina
TitleCreator of the Sky Pretty Cure series
Birthday DateApril 7th
Home PlaceGermany

Yousei A. Sina「洋成ア・シーナ」is the pen name used by FairySina. Sina is the creator and owner of the Sky Pretty Cure series and Sky Pretty Cure generations as well as the creator-sister[1] of the seasons' Cures. She is known as a hobby artist and novelist and has started some other projects or has supported other people's project with her art. Yousei A. Sina is sometimes referred as "Y.A.S." (ヤッス Yassu?) since the complete name is a bit long.


Yousei (洋成?) - Yousei comes from You (?) meaning "ocean" or "vast", combined with Sei (?) meaning "to make", "become" or even "succeed". However, Yousei, written as 妖精 is the Japanese word for "fairy".

A (?) - A is the initial letter of FairySina's actual given name and stands for Anne-chan (アン姉ちゃん?). "Anne-chan" is the name Yousei A. Sina would be called by her characters, which is a combination of the name Anne and the Japanese "Nee-chan", which means "sister".

Sina (シーナ?) - Sina is the second part of her username on Wikia. Sina is a possible short form of the names Rosina or Teresina, which might mean "rose" or "summer".

Yousei A. Sina Originals

  • Guardian Angels Of The Sky series: An original magical girl story about eight warriors of the seven colored rainbow. For more information, see Sky Pretty Cure. (Written in English)
  • Secret Story™: An original slice of life story with supernatural elements. Main story plays in San Francisco, California. The story plays in the past, the present and the future. (Written in German)
  • Arisu no Diary: An original fantasy story set in a fantasy world loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. The main character a girl named Arisu, who comes to the kingdom of Wonderland. (Written in German)
  • Story Without Name: An original story set is a fictional future. It sets in the US and centers around a group of people who want to achieve living on planet mars. (Written in German)
  • Two Souls: An original fantasy story set in a fantasy world. The story is based on a dream. The main character is called Masatake. His soul is split in two, which creats two individuals. (Written in German)


  1. Usually referred as "Annee-chan" (アン姉ちゃん An'nēchan?), a combination of her name and the Japanese word for sister + chan

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