Yoshida Ayane
Yoshida Ayane
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceNijimikushi
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuIshikawa Yui

Yoshida Ayane (吉田あやね Yoshida Ayane) is a secondary character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. She's Akino's classmate and teammate on the school's basketball team.


Ayane has light brown hair with messy-ish bangs. She tied her hair into twin buns. She got green eyes.


Ayane is a sweet and fun girl. She's small and cute. Despite that, she's a very hardworking and fast. She's one of the fastest runner in class. Despite the fact that she's on the basketball team, she love to dress up and wear cute clothes.



Ayane has a pretty dark background. She was teased because she was so small but love to play basketball in elementary school. She was planning on giving up, but she met Akino who trained basketball in the park. Akino helped her practice and motivate her. They meet again in junior high on the club. She keep her train going as she joined the team. People almost never believe her if she told them that she's on the basketball team because she likes to dress up and wear cute things.

Leaving the Team

She know a lot about basketball even to the history and managements. She left the team as a player and become her senpai's helper who is the club manager. She feels that basketball is only a hobby for her and she's not aiming to become a player. She decided to go to a new high school to get to know other basketball teams.


Soyokaze Akino - Akino is one of her dear friend. Both share the same love to basketball.


  • She will not come back to the sequel.
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