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Yoiki Chrysoberyl
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Yoiki Chrysoberyl
SkPC-Icon Chris
良井黄 クリソベリル
Yoiki Kurisoberiru
Personal Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~
Age15 - 17
Birthday DateSeptember 15th
Eye Coloryellow
Hair Colorbrown
Home PlaceFeather-Castletown
First AppearanceRainbow Star 12
SeiyuuSasanuma Akira
Family Information

Yoiki Chrysoberyl, also called Chris, is a minor character of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. He meets the group in episode 12 and decides to spend more times with them. He is a pretty bright and opened person. He tries to become friends with Low, though he acts cold towards him at first. It also seems like he fell in love with Kiishi Topaz. Chris is a hobby photographer who loves street dancing.

The one sentence Chris usually uses is "Sure, why not.".



  • There's not much known about Chris' family as they don't appear in the seasons at all. However, it is known that they live at the Arc-en-ciel Tower. They own the 12th Apartment. It is unkown how many members the Yoiki family has. However, it was mentioned that he has a sister who currently owns a bakery in America.


  • Kiishi Topaz - Chris' very good friend. Even though Chris is opened and talks about everything on his mind, he just can't tell Topaz the truth about his feelings.
  • Kuraisoba Quartz - Low met Chris during their first High School day, coincidentally they are in the same class. Though Low first acts cold towards Chris, he soon warms up with him and they became friends. However, Low is still annoyed how Chris is open for everything and doesn't even think about things at all.


Yoiki (良井黄?) - Yoiki comes from Yo ( ryō?) meaning "good", i (?) meaning "well" and ki (?) meaning "yellow". If 井 (i?) is replaced with the hiragana i (?) Yoiki means "good yellow".

Chrysoberyl (クリソベリル?) - Chrysoberyl is a gemstone.


Chris (クリス?) - Chris can be a short form of Christopher, Christian, and other names that begin with Chris.[1] Counting for Chris, it is a short form of Chrysoberyl.

Chestnut (?) - Chris' old nickname back in his times at Tsubasa Public. Taking the first four letters of his (Japanese) Name, it becomes Kuri. 栗 (kuri) is Japanese and means Chestnut.


  • It was mentioned that Chris was a student of Tsubasa Public Middle School.
  • Low and Chris have a similar personality, but ironically, Low dislikes Chris for being like that.


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