Yū Shiraishi

白石優 Shiraishi Yū

Shiraishi Yū
Personal Information
Hair ColorHoney Blonde
Eye ColorHazel
Home PlaceYūkibarano
Relativesunnamed father
Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC01
SeiyuuChiaki Omigawa

Yū Shiraishi (白石優 Shiraishi Yū) is a minor character in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. She is a first-year student at Minwa Academy and Imari Suzukawa's best friend. When needed, she is there to lighten the mood with her humour and is always supportive of Imari and her goals.


Yū is a short, fair-skinned girl with shoulder-length, honey blonde hair that curls inwards at the ends and bangs cut straight across. She has hazel eyes.

Yū is only ever seen wearing the Minwa Academy school uniform. The sailor fuku consists of a white blouse, green sailor-style collar with pink stripes, green pleated skirt, navy blue socks, brown penny loafers, and the light pink first-year student neckerchief.


Yū is a very easygoing and light-hearted 13-year-old girl. She is also an oblivious girl and doesn't pay a lot of attention to her surroundings. Yū gladly makes up for this for being a helpful friend to Imari Suzukawa and is always there to encourage her, or cheer her up.


Becoming Imari's Friend

It is not revealed when they first met, but they connected by the simple fact that they were the "poorest girl in school". There friendship, however, would quickly develop into a closer bond over time and became best friends sometime before the start of the series.


Yū: (優) means "superiority"

Shiraishi: (白) means "white' and (石) means "stone"


  • Yū's Zodiac Sign is the Capricorn
  • Yū's birthday is on Christmas Eve
  • Yū's Blood Type is O
  • Yū is 153cm tall
  • Yū was inspired by Yui Nanase from Go! Princess PreCure!
    • Also why their names are similar
  • Yū loves every kind of food and dislikes none
  • Yū has habit of talking with her mouth full
  • Yū's father runs a limousine service
    • This is considered a "poor" job at school
  • There was a popular theory that Yū would become a Pretty Cure
  • In Episode 11, it is revealed that Yū hangs out at Imari's house often
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