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Ai Profile
Biographical Information
Season Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series
Rōmaji Ai
Also known as Wombat
Birthday November 30th
Zodiac Sagittarius
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human/Wombat
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Pink
Professional Status
Occupation Inventor
School Doctor
Affiliation Kawai High School
(Defense Club & Doctor's Office)
Personal Status
Hobbies WORLD PEACE!!!
Favorite Food Spinach
Anime EDPC01
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Kamiya (anime)

Ai ( Ai?), nicknamed Wombat (ウォンバット U~onbatto?) is the main mascot and an inventor in the Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series.


Ai has short, spiky light pink hair with his bangs swooped above, and a odd black mark on his cheek. His eyes are black. When he takes on his mascot form he looks like a pink wombat, thus the origin of his nickname.

Ai wears a pink-magenta sweater, black sweat pants with white belts attached and red boots. He also wears white goggles and a lab coat.


Being a scholar and famous inventor Ai is seen as a intelligent, straightforward and logical person. However, he can be rather childish at times. He enjoys experimenting though many come in failure, and created the devices for the Pretty Cure, to help their world from being corrupted. He also has a rather big fixation on world peace, and is always willing to help or comfort someone.



Himura Akiko - Akiko is Wombat's Pretty Cure partner. Akiko began to have a crush on Wombat once she saw his human form the first time they met, although she didn't understand her feelings at first. She loves to hug and cuddle Wombat a lot much to his dismay. They are shown together in many episodes while Wombat slowly came to fall in love with her, which is evident in episode 20 when they went on a date.

Himura Noya - Previously, Noya was Ai's Pretty Cure partner, and good friend. Noya is very suspicious of Ai's relationship with her sister but is oddly supportive of him, whereas a lot of teasing.

Takayama-sensei - Though they haven't met in person, Takayama-sensei seems to be able to recognize Wombat's voice as seen when they walked past each other in episode 20. Wombat is accustomed to taking control over her body, much to the girls' dismay, to be able to move about in Kawai High School. When Ai becomes the school's doctor they become friends.


Wombat's voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya, has participated in one image song for character he voices.





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