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Bring out your fears, your weaknesses, your dark and deepest feelings of pain and sorrow! Become the harbinger of destruction under our glorious leader Chaos' command! (あなたの恐れ、あなたの弱点、あなたの暗くそして最も深い痛みと悲しみの感情を引き出してください!私たちの栄光ある指導者カオスの指揮の下で破壊の先駆けになろう! Anata no osore, anata no jakuten, anata no kuraku soshite mottomo fukai itami to kanashimi no kanjō o hikidashite kudasai! Watashitachi no eikō aru shidō-sha kaosu no shiki no shita de hakai no sakigake ni narou!?)

Every member of the Wicked Galactica as they summon a Chaostica.

The Wicked Galactica (ウィキッドギャラクティカ?) is an evil organization and the main antagonists of Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure. Their leader is Chaos. Their goal is to destroy the entire universe. They manipulate the negative feelings and energy inside people.



Name Image First
Pokémon Dark-Matter
StCLPC01 (silhouetted) ???
Mespiritia StCLPC11 ???
Uxieo StCLPC04 ???
Azelfu StCLPC01 ???


Chaostica (カオス?): The main monsters in Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure. They are monsters that are formed whenever the Wicked Galactica force the negative feelings inside a person to come out and become monsters using magic.


  • An earlier name for the Wicked Galactica was Death Empire.
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