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Basic Information
FamilyKila (mother)
Anime Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure
SeiyuuKoyasu Takehito
Void, actually written as Voide, is an antagonist of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Void was a main villain of the first season, Sky Pretty Cure. Void is the third elite warrior to appear. Void has always been Low's best friend and tried to take care of him. But he really didn't understand why he did change sides.


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General Information


Void is a very loyal and pretty young elite warrior. Void was promoted to be an elite when he was 22, so about three years before the series started. Void is usually calm but is also serious and strict. However, Void doesn’t take himself too serious and sometimes makes silly jokes to cheer the people around him up. Void has a pretty big pride and a short temper. When he teases others, he always seems to enjoy their reactions, however, when he is teased by others, he tends to get angry and ‘attacks’ them. But his anger usually doesn’t last too long and calms down pretty fast.



  • Kila Cotoi - Kila is Voide's mother, who seems to be strict. Kila only appeared in the series once and it is unknown what kind of relationship the two have.
  • Ryza Cotoi - Ryza is Voide's younger sister. Ryza is three years younger and it mentioned that they have always been fighting. Voide has been a pretty normal older brother towards Ryza. Ryza knows and likes to joke about the fact that he has never been happy that Ryza turned out to be a girl.


  • Low - Though being 10 years younger, Low is Voide's best friend. Even though the two get in fights a lot and fight a lot in common, Voide has always an open ear for Low when he's having troubles. Voide sees himself a little like some kind of protector of Low, which is one reason why he was so upset when he turned against him.


Voide (ボイデ?) - In English, a viod is a completely empty space. In Kamon, the name comes from the word Wou ( Wou in Japanese?, full word is Wourom) meaning "wise" and Iddo ( Idō in Japanese?, full word is Iddom) meaning "person".

Cotoi (ゾーテイ?) - A rather modern Kamonian last name. Cotoi comes from the Kamonian word Kothe (コーテ?) meaning "thunder".


  • Yousei A. Sina once stated that out of all villains of the Sky Pretty Cure Series, Voide is her favorite.
  • As it was releaved that Voide's birthday is exact ten weeks after Low's it is assumed that his birthday falls on 27th of May.
  • The only Pretty Cure Voide has interected a lot is Cure Cyan. However, Voide usually kept calling her "Alice".



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