Personal Information
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceVirus Hideout
Theme Colorblack
Anime Information
First AppearancePCRPM01

Virus (ウイルス Uirusu?) is the main antagonist in Pretty Cure RPM. He want to destroy the Enjin Cidet.


Virus is looks like Dune. He had red eyes and uncolored hair. His form looks like Phantom.


Virus is very similar to Kuroi. He want to destroy the Enjin Cidet and he want to the gadgets were crashed. He is very deadly, rude, and angry villain which he creates the monsters of Venjix.



Disclaimer: His relationships was also was created by him.

Crunzie - The daughter of Block and Torjan. She was so little bit by her selfish side.

Shift - The son of Block and Torjan. He was mature, hates cute and electronic things.

Trojan - The son of Virus. He was a team up to against the R.P.M. Cures.

Block - The daughter of Virus. She is very bad personality to other people.

Hacker - An Mephisto-like perosonality. He was a chubby, oldest, and very strongeest of all.

Grindy - An childish girl, Virus protects her due to the discriminational of the Cures.

Kilobyte - He is very sad, full of justice, known as Gadget Crasher.

Kuraidendo Tenaya - She is the only hunter, and a villain-like person, which created him.


  • He is known as Himitsuno Shinzuke (秘密の 信ずけ Himitsuno Shidzuke?), brother of Himitsuno Makoto.
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