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  • I live in Castle Ward of Hisakata
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is Hobby artist
  • I am Female ♀
  • FairySina

    Hello everyone!

    Yes, another blog from me but this time it's not about Sky Pretty Cure but about the Guardian Angels Of The Sky. Which means; the news will have no effect to the Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki but only the Sky Pretty Cure Wiki.

    So the great changes this time includes names, to be exact, family names. Believe it or not, but the names "Kiishi", "Mikanki", "Koshokukoi", "Murasakiiro", "Kuraisoba" and "Yoiki", always bothered me since I got to understand Japanese a lot better. However, I never dared to change these names because of... well.. how big Sky Pretty Cure is and... the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series is even bigger.

    But, last monday, I have been convinced to change these names. I actually just wanted to change Loo's human na…

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  • FairySina

    Hey everyone, welcome to a new blog/game of mine!

    Since most of you know, the fanseries I mostly work on is the Sky Pretty Cure Series/Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. It has been around the wiki since 2013 and is still an ongoing series, even though I'm not actively working on it here, on the Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki. Furthermore, I work on it at the Sky Pretty Cure wiki.

    But enough of introductions. For those who know Sky already, or just read into it a little, I am asking you; Does my Sky Pretty Cure remind you of something? Yes? What is it?

    That's right, this blog/game is to tell me similarities you see between Sky and other things (like anime, other TV shows, games, movies, etc.). Sky Pretty Cure is inspired by a lot things, so saying t…

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  • FairySina

    I was bored and had nothing to do and have to get back to digitally drawing (since I gotta finish Amber till tomorrow... hopefully...) so I found a transparent png render of Cure Macaron and did a little thing with it:

    So I made a Cure Macaron background. I don't need it because I have my Mew Rubellit background. However, if anyone wants to use it, you are all allowed to use it. No need to tell me or credit, I just edited it after all ~

    Update Also made one for the Movie, with Cure Parfait ~

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  • FairySina

    I just noticed I do "Adopts" quite a lot on wikia owo.

    Anyway, this time it is about one of my Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode OCs, which I'm worried that I'm unable to develope her well. The character I'm talking about is

    Kurohara Asami

    She needs a new home ;w;

    So little things, after you have adopted her, you can do anything you want. Rename her, include her in one of your seasons, make her an OC for another season. But please do not mark her for deletion after a while. I could have done that as well and well, before deleting the page, maybe look around if there's someone else who like Asami a lot.

    Anyhow, if anyone is interested in adopting the little hamster, please tell me!


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  • FairySina

    Hey everyone, welcome to another For Fun blog!

    Like the name says, it is nothing serious and just a little, well... call it game ~

    Yesterday I've been thinking about "In which seasons of the canon season would fit my characters?" So I have been considering the main Cures of Sky Pretty Cure and the 14 canon Pretty Cure seasons.

    Now the question for you: In which season(s) would fit your Pretty Cure character(s)?
    Only canon seasons tho

    My conclusion:

    1. Sadly, there's no Cure that fits in KiraKira⭐Pretty Cure A La Mode, for the very reason that I consider my girls to be adult when KiraKira plays.
    2. Also no Sky Cures in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!. For obvious reasons, plus none of them fit in there.
    3. Koshokukoi Rubellit/Cure Heather would get into Go! Princess…

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