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Spinning Nozomi
Hey there, Superstar!

I'm Ava and I'm a writer. My most known stuff is the Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure! series, the Pretty Cure La La La! series, and the logos for Rainbow Shine☆Pretty Cure! and Blooming Miracles! Pretty Cure. I will be very active with my new series Snow halation pretty cure!.

Art requests are closed as I am overbooked!

This page is for stuff about me specifically and my personal opinions about my shows. If you want an objective bio, please go to my pen name article.

Nina Atsuiaka Icon Thing
Besides of Pretty Cure, I have a passion Ghostbusters, screenwriting, fanfiction, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Honkai Impact 3rd, and sleeping. But especially sleeping, because, you know, we all need it.


  • I do not like fairies that only serve as keys. Mofurun is fine, I'm not talking about mascots like her, but those collectible fairies from Suite and Fresh are not my style because it just reminds me of slavery. Unless we're in a collab together, you can't make me do this.
    • Except in series 15, I'll make character development for the pickruns because I have nothing else to do in that series.
  • I don't regularly watch anime, but I'm getting into Utena and Evangelion.
  • My favorite Pretty Cure series is Go! Princess. Really cute. I will defend them until they become racist, sexist, or do something illegal.
  • Happy Happy Pretty Cure! was made on July 3rd, 2015 by Mistyemberandbea. I changed to Ninadinacaliente to start off with a clean slate.
  • I usually ship whatever the show wants me to ship, but sometimes I would ship "Canon X Some Other Canon" like Sans X Rei Hino and it's just so weird.

I have 3 new series coming up! One is called Pretty Cure and the Dragon’s Book, one is called Snow halation pretty cure, and the last one is Go with Me. They’re all bases on dreams I had, and they are the last series in the Atsuiaka Precure saga. After this, I’m gonna focus on the series I have now.

  • Nina is actually the name of my older sister in real life, but her full first name is actually Adriana or something like that. The name Nina actually comes from the character Nina Caliente from The Sims 2.

BiBi Girls Bump

Original Series

  1. Happy Happy Pretty Cure! - This is the very first series I did for this wiki, I even made it when Cure Scarlet was becoming a big deal. The fanseries is now 4 years old. It's supposed to be a third generation of Gogo and Smile. I kept this trend up with series 8 and series 10.
  2. Pretty Cure La La La! - This series was not really worked on until now. It was made half a year after the first one and I really improved myself. It's supposed to be a second generation of Suite. It was supposed to be about homosexuality at first, but that's just total queerbait for a potentially bad story, so I refused. It's now about finding all of the music magic.
  3. Pretty Cure of the Stars - This series was made 9 and a half months after Pretty Cure La La La! I made it because I didn't have any male cures, and neither did Toei at the time. There were only so little, so I made Cure Sol and Cure Inferno, the former being for this series, and the latter for a Pretty Cure All Stars movie I never made for a 2017 release. It is very similar to Mahou Tsukai, but I don't care.
  4. Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure! - The Real Ghostbusters in anime form. The only gender swaps here are the Ghostbusters themselves, and a few minor characters from the IDW comics, like Roger is now Chloe, Lou is now Ataru, and some of the races of the characters changed... um, yeah. They changed a lot.
  5. Sparkly Pretty Cure! - A just-for-fun, wholesome, generic Pretty Cure series. My attempt of making people not straight out of Sonic or IASIP.
  6. Fantastic Pretty Cure! - Currently on production hiatus, this is just My Little Pony. Unlike Chojo Gensho, I'm trying to be less obvious with this one.
  7. Pretty Cure 1.5 - It's about technology? And dreams? And everything being special. And also hoarding your house with trash.
  8. New Dreams ☆ Pretty Cure! - This show is about dreams and how escapism is bad for you.
  9. Futari wa Pretty Cure: The Next Step - This series is supposed to celebrate the official 20th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise by Izumi Todo. I chose to do an Extreme Ghostbusters version of the series because I can, it's fanfiction, and also, I like it. What gives? So the series is about Honoka playing the role as Egon who is teaching her students how to be Pretty Cures.
  10. Regenbogen Pretty Cure! - Currently on production hiatus, it's about 9 girls living in a place where you can be who you wanna be, but there's this old woman trying to test that belief. It is very similar to HUGtto.
  11. Pretty Cure RPM - These are car people I think.
  12. Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy - A cyberpunk series that has to take place in 2027 to work. Every character is represented by a gemstone, but they aren't space rocks. The main team consists of an emerald, a diamond, a jade, and now a turquoise, and it's very different from Steven Universe. Its name was going to be Truly Pretty Cure and I hate it because it reminds me of Surly from the Nut Job and I don't like it. I passed out from laughter because of how funny Surly's name is.
  13. Pretty Cure Forever - I don't really know this series that well, I think it's about 3 Asians and a Caucasian fighting aliens and it's also the most 2000's thing ever. Based on Totally Spies and The Barbie Diaries.
  14. Butterfly Pretty Cure🦋 - The title is deceiving. It takes place in 1981 and is about some girls that are stuck on a stranded planet and then get the power to fly in space without helmets. It's like Steven Universe, and it's like Star Wars, and it's also like Alien because it's gross, but it's also like Grease?? It is very similar to Star Twinkle, in the sense of space travel.
  15. The Fresh Pretty Cure of Clover Town - This series takes place 21 years after the beginning of Fresh Pretty Cure. It's about Rio and Setsuro, the daughter of Inori and the son of Setsuna respectively, not wanting to be like their mothers but then they become Pretty Cures. Much like Nightmare Fantasy (series 12), this series has to take place in its time to work.
  16. Love Blossom Pretty Cure - A series that was in my head for two years but I didn't put it out there... for some reason. It's about the four seasons. It won't come into intuition until way later on.
  17. Diamante Pretty Cure! - Currently a retired series, but is still up because I might revive it. I decided that it would be "remade in 2032". It is very similar to HeartCatch.
  18. Sakasama Pretty Cure! - A series relating to Stranger Things. I just really loved the idea, and also the Ghostbusters are in it, so yeah. I actually don't know if this name is going to be the working title, though, look out. Unlike the other series, I only watched two episodes of Stranger Things, so this series will be a test of my fandom skills.
  19. Beautiful Bliss Pretty Cure - A series about accepting yourself, no matter who you are, and to do what you love to do. Note to self: This isn't like series 10, which is about loving what you can't change about yourself, this series is about passion. It is very similar to Go! Princess.
  20. Heartbreaker Pretty Cure! - Currently on production hiatus, it's about Luka and some Cures on her roller derby team having some fun. I might change the category of sports one day.
  21. Seashore Pretty Cure! - Robot becomes a mermaid. Definitely not unsanitary and malicious.
  22. Pretty Cure and the Dragon's Book - 5 kids go out on a journey to find the dragon's book before the dragon uses it.
  23. Snow halation pretty cure! - The girls of Love Live! team up with Sonic and friends to fight Doctor Eggman!
  24. One of Us Must Go The third-year class of Nezunomi Higashi High School becomes a hiding place for four girls when mysterious androids keep taking people at night. I'm trying to make it as not-WWII as possible, but it seems like the bad guys are space nazis.

Original Movies

  1. Pretty Cure All Stars: Hark! The Melody of the London Night! - Taking place in 2016, the Pretty Cure go to London and face the Cure Clones while the YPC5 and the SmPC reminisce about fighting their doppelgangers. Those guys never show up.
  2. Unnamed 2017 All Stars movie - Starring the first male Cure in the Atsuiaka canon, Cure Inferno. Please note that this was planned out before the reveal of Cure Infini.
  3. Pretty Cure Lucky Stars! - The 2018 movie about series 1, series 2, and series 3 fighting evil monsters together for the first and last time (together).
  4. Pretty Cure La La La! : Kaguyahime to Ai no Chikara ♡ - I liked Princess Kaguya so I put her in a movie.
  5. Pretty Cure Harmony Stars! - My only actual Pretty Cure All Stars project on the marks. There's still a lot I wanna do with it, though.
  6. Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure of the Dark Arts - It's Ghostbusters II. Just Ghostbusters II.
  7. Smokey the Bear All Stars DX3 - Smokey the Bear and Kenai take the roles of Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm and they do stuff.
  8. Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy: Nanishiteruno, Deteike! - Based on Go!Animate the Movie, and also some of my dreams. This is part of the canon.

Other (Collabs and such)

  1. Ho Ho Ho Pretty Cure! - A series that was going to share the spotlight with Pretty Cure of the Stars at some point. However, this series was cancelled because otherwise, there would be a lot of Christian propaganda conspiracies.
  2. Pretty Cure Cosmos - Pretty Cure Cosmos is about Cures from different countries fighting... I don't know what they fight, but I suggested the ghosts of historical people "that are in the public domain". I own Julia Haas and Dunkel, who represent the radiant liberty of Germany.
  3. Happy Happy Pretty Cure 5! - If you want some fake history of HHPC5, go to this page.
  4. Yeah! Pretty Cure 5 - It's a homage for those "evil Pretty Cure good" series, but it's a spinoff.
  5. Sugar Beats♡Pretty Cure Candy Rush! - It's a collab between Izieme, Makoto, Hikari, and I. I made the art for the series.

NozoEli Time
I think my favorite Cures are Cure Rhythm, Cure March, Cure Passion, Cure Soleil, Cure Scarlet, and Cure Twinkle, not in that order, but still.

My favorite lead is a really hard pick. Love is cool, Tsubomi is cool, Hibiki is cool, Miyuki is cool, but I can't choose who is cooler. So they're all tied. Haruka is 2nd, Mirai is 3rd, Hikaru is 4th, Nagisa, Saki, and Nozomi are tied with 5th place.

My favorite blue Cure is Reika. Erika is 2nd. Miki is 3rd. Aoi is 4th. Minami is 5th. But overall, I love all of the blue Cures equally, except for Saaya, because I don't know her well, and Mao, because she's confusing to me right now.

My favorite yellow Cure is Hinata. She looks so cute, but appearance isn't everything. Itsuki is 2nd. Urara is 3rd. Yayoi is 4th. Ako is 5th. Honestly, it's really hard to decide between the yellow Cures. All I know is I don't like Yoko, and I don't think I like Alice/Arisu.

My favorite purple Cure is Yuri. Ruru (I call her Lulu) is 2nd, Riko is 3rd. I just don't find Kurumi, Madoka, or Yukari the most interesting people, but I like them. I forgot that Makoto even existed during this ranking.

My favorite red Cure has to be Setsuna. I think she was my first girl crush, and with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and also Leo and June from Little Einsteins, she was part of my 2nd grade fanfics. The only reason why I strayed away from her is because I played a Pretty Cure parody on full boost and my parents hated it. Off topic. Anyways, Towa is 2nd, Emiru is 3rd.

My favorite white Cure is really hard to choose from. Honoka has almost the same birthday as me, and also, I relate to her a lot, but I also relate to Mai, and Kanade was part of my squad when I was a [age redacted], and Ayumi is a blank slate Cure for all the little kids to place themselves in. That's why she's a brunette. This is really hard because there's only 4 Cures, so right now, I would say it's a tie between Honoka and Kanade, Mai is 2nd, Ayumi is 3rd.

My favorite green/turquoise/unspecified Cure is Lala. She's an alien cutie. Komachi is 2nd, Nao is 3rd.

My ranking of the Cures of this year and last year are: 1. Cure Sparkle, 2. Cure Soleil, 3. Cure Milky, 4. Cure Fontaine, 5. Cure Cosmo, 6. Cure Selene, 7. Cure Star, and 8. Cure Grace.

My favorite of MY Cures? I don't know... Jade? Eh...

I'm tired and I don't wanna look through 70+ characters from unfinished stories so I'm just gonna to rush through this and give myself only a few selections.

My favorite pink Cure is Abe Tsukiko from series 2. She just has that high spirit and attitude I want in a basic Cure like her.

My favorite blue Cure is Nagai Chie from series 4. She's based on Egon and he's my favorite Ghostbuster, and this is my only blue Cure I'm satisfied with, so yeah

My favorite yellow Cure is Kikuchi Hanami from series 5. She's just an adult joke kids don't get machine, it's funny.

My favorite purple Cure is Matilda Gonzalez from series 7. She's really different from other purple Pretty Cures, other than Milk, but whatever. She likes exciting things.

My favorite red Cure is Eida Kokoro from series 4. I just like her. If I could, I would tie her with the minor Cure Poppy Koizumi from series 12 but I reject it.

My favorite white Cure is Yukishiro Honoka from series 9. It's cheating, but it's also not cheating.

My favorite green Cure is Jade Yukimura from series 12. He looks like Egon and he's my favorite Ghostbuster, that's why.

You threw off my groove!

Art requests are closed! Please note that I am a minor and I do need to do my homework.

Current shows I'm working on (from oldest request to youngest):
Blooming Miracles! Pretty Cure
Creative Muses Pretty Cure☆
Trinity Heart Pretty Cure!
My Singing Pretty Cure!
Itsuka Pretty Cure!
New Dreams ☆ Pretty Cure!

I'm also in the DeviantART group Moonrise Academy, so yeah, I'm overbooked.

All of the shows I'm working on now will still have drawings for them, but please do not submit any new shows, I will not be working on Jeff the Killer Pretty Cure anytime soon. Do the designs yourselves.

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