My Pen Name: Ezzie Shinchaku

Birthday: January 2nd

Assigned Gender/Current Gender: Female

Age: "I'm a teenager, and that's all you need to know . . ."

Favorite Things: Anime, Manga & Drawing

Current Residence: Hawaii

My Soon-To-Be added works:

  • Lamp Pretty Cure (Cure duo; Spirits and Life/Death theme).
  • Floral Ceremony Pretty Cure (Five Cures; Flower and Happiness theme).
  • Endangered Pretty Cure (Six Cures; Animal/Environment theme).
  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure Heaven Halo (Cure Duo; Heaven/Angel theme).
  • Pretty Cure Mariposa (Four Cures; Butterfly and Secrets theme).
  • Roar! Pretty Cure Fossils! (Five Cures; Dinosaur/ Time theme).
  • Galaxia Link Pretty Cure! (Space/ Day & Night theme; Cure duo).
  • Be Well Pretty Cure! (Five Cures; Health/Nature theme).
  • Academia Pretty Cure (School Activities theme).
  • Lucky Seven Pretty Cure ☆ (Japanese Mythology/ Luck/Based on Seven Gods of Luck from Japanese Mythology).
  • Mystic! Pretty Cure Folktales! (Japanese fairytale theme; four Cures)
  • Paintful Pretty Cure! (Color/Paint/Rainbow theme; Seven Cures)

Soon-To-Be Movies:

  • Pretty Cure Infinite Stars: Legend of the illuminate pegasus! (Teams: Lamp Pretty Cure/Floral Ceremony Pretty Cure/Endangered Pretty Cure; 13 Cures in total).
  • Pretty Cure Infinite Stars 2!: Return the book of wishes! (Teams: Lamp Pretty Cure/Futari Wa Pretty Cure Heaven Halo/ Pretty Cure Mariposa/ Roar! Pretty Cure fossils!/ Galaxia Link Pretty Cure; 15 Cures in total)

Series Movies

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