aka Hiramitsu Evelyn~chan! Nyuu~<3

  • I live in the US
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is a creator of the Halloween Specials and the Pretty Cure series
  • I am Female
  • Bio - Roleplays as Chiyu and Hinata
    - Average Girl :)
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Kon'nichiwa min'na! My name is EvaSparkleBless but I use my alias Eva Crystallinos! I contribute a lot here on the Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki since I love Pretty Cure and making fanseries. I'm currently working on Cosmic! Glimmer Ethereal Pretty Cure! at that time. If you like to collab with me, feel free to ask on my wall. I love meeting new friends who love Pretty Cure just like me!
ATTENTION! Please don't edit anything on my pages without me granting you permission or stealing my content with major or minor information. Thank you!

NOTE: Cure Dream is best girl and shall be protected every time. If you hurt her then she’ll attack you!!


Favorite Cures

Nozomi CureDream This user loves Cure Dream!
STPCStar This user loves Cure Star!
STPCMilky This user loves Cure Milky!
Hana CureYell This user loves Cure Yell!
Homare CureEtolie This user loves Cure Etolie!
20181204 173051 This user loves Cure Ma'Cherié!
HGPCFontaine This user loves Cure Fontaine!
HGPCSparkle This user loves Cure Sparkle!
MarielBlaze This user loves Cure Blaze!

Favorite Mascots

Coco-box This user loves Coco!

Favorite Ships

Coco x Nozomi Coco x Nozomi ♥
HikaLala Hikaru x Lala ♥
Harrmare Homare x Harry ♥

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Cure Fontaine Chibi
Cure Sparkle Chibi
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