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  • I live in In Dreamland~ (No, I'm kidding!)
  • I was born on March 23
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Oh, hello there~! I own this account, Burstygummy. I'm from Indonesia and I'm sure I'll have some bad English. :D I'll use Mr. Google Translate (What?!).

So... (I don't know what should I type!) To be honest, I LOVE PRETTY CURE SO MUCH. MUCH. MUCH. MUCH. SINCE I WAS... OH WAIT... (turn of the capslock). Ok, I love Precure since I was in Kindergarten. Oh yes, I still young for now! So, do you know how old am I? Okey, I'll give you a clue. When I was in Kindergarten, a series that I watch is "Pretty Cure". No "Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart". "Pretty Cure" is a series before "FWPCMH" (Too lazy to type it). The characters are only Nagisa and Honoka. It was onair on SpaceToon. I watched it everyday. I fight with my brother to get the TV. I want to watch Pretty Cure and he want to watch Naruto. And because I'm younger than him, and I still a little kid, so I get the TV! Muahahaha~! And, sometimes I and my friend, Thea act like Nagisa and Honoka and fight Zakenna. What a sweet childhood...

And! When I was in elementary school, I don't have any friends to talk and play about Pretty Cure. It's about 6 years I didn't do it! So, when I was grade 6, I search about Precure in Facebook and oh my glob...! I found it! And I'm so happy that I can find Precure's fanspage for Indonesia! It is "Pretty Cure Lovers Indonesia Fanspage". And when I opened it, I was shock!

"What the what?!"

"Pretty Cure have many series?!!!!"

"Am I dreaming?!"

I think there was what I thought. I see many series and because I love blue, I searched for cure that have blue to be her theme color. And, finally, I was in love (don't take it as love between girl and boy, what I mean is different!) with Akane Hino/Cure Sunny! I think she is cool, joker, strong and beauty. And, because Akane Hino, I like SmPC! I save many picture of SmPC, and set one of them as my display picture on my BBM. I watch it too. And, don't blame to me, to be honest I dislike Heartcatch Precure. I just do not like them.

Miracle happen... A few days after that, my friends ask me about my display picture. So, I tell them everything about Pretty Cure! If you see my memo in my handphone, there is a memo about Pretty Cure. I write (copy) the series, their names, their catchphrase, their power. And I memorized their catchphrase. Once day, I watch another series, Yes! Precure 5! and Doki Doki Precure. I love their design, it's really cute! I watch Suite Pretty Cure because I think their design is cool. And I watch Heartcatch Pretty Cure, and it's not bad. It's funny I think. I like Kurumi Erika, she is so cute. Then I watch their cool and sweet transformation, I watch SmPC, SPC, and DDPC The Movie. It's so touching. I watch SmPC, HPC, DDPC final episode. SmPC's final make me cry twice. (Lie, try to not cry, cry a lot). HPC's final is amazing! DDPC's final maked me laugh (IDK why).

In my class, there're just 2 girl that like anime. Unfortunately, that girl said "Is Pretty Cure awesome? I don't like the design, it's bad...". Oh God, why... I DON'T FIND ANY FRIENDS TO TALK ABOUT PRETTY CURE AGAIN! NOOO~!

So, I'm thinking this is the right place for me to talk about my favorite anime. Yeah, I love Precure~!

Wait, what did I type? It's better if I publish on my blog. Ah, forget it~ (go out and throw rose everywhere)

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