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Unice Dubois.
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Unice Dubois
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I feel as if my whole life is tumbling on top of me. In the best way.
—Unice in Episode 9

Unice Dubois
Unisu Debuwa
English DubUnice Dubois
SeasonCandy Crystal Precure Go!
Age15 - 16
GenderGirl ♀
Birthday DateJune 30
Eye ColorPurple & Blue (Unice)

Pink (Cure BonBon)

Hair ColorBlue fading into Purple
OriginParis, France 🇫🇷

Rainbow Hills 🇯🇵

FamilyUndine Dubois (Older Sister)

Flur Dubois (Mother)

Jean Dubois (Father)

First AppearanceCCPCG06
Voice ActorMasumi Asano (Jpn)

Tabitha St. Germain (Dub)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure BonBon
WeaponLollipop Harp
Form Change (s)Prism BonBon (Upgrade)

Sparkle BonBon (Ultra)

Theme ColorBlue and Purple
Unice Dubois is the fifth Cure of the Candy Crystal Precure Go! team. Her catch phrase is "Bonjour! (ボンジュール!)"


For most of her life, Unice lived in Paris. But when her father got a job in Japan, she had to move. When she got to Japan, she got a very large mansion and was given a necklace from her mother that she keeps in her pocket when she is not wearing it.





She has long wavy hair fading from blue to purple with flat bangs. She is wearing a white long sleeve top with a bow and a long purple skirt. She also has long white socks and blue high heels with bows on top.

Cure BonBon

She has very long wavy hair with one curl fading from blue to purple and flat bangs. She is wearing a black suit with shorts and a purple shrug overtop. She also has long hig heel boots: one is blue, and one is purple. They bolth have a ribon spiraling around them with bows; the purple shoe having the bow on the top of the ribon, the blue shoe having the bow at the bottom of the ribon. She also is caring the Candy Spinner like a purse.



Cure BonBon

" Délicieux bonbons! Cure BonBon! Prêt à servir!"
Yummy Candy! Cure BonBon! Ready to serve!


Unice means "Glorious Victory".

BonBon (Bon bon) is French for Candy.


"Pretty Cure! Bonbon romantic!" (Attack)

(More TBA)


Transformations (CCPCG!)


  • Unice Dubois is the very first Cure to be French.
  • She hates fancy food despite the fact she's French.
  • Her favorite food is pizza.
  • She loves Butterflies.


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