Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceWonderland
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure! Movie : The Lost Wonder of Wonderland
SeiyuuSeki Toshihiko

Trump (トランプ Toranpu) is a character from Majestic Pretty Cure! series movie, Majestic Pretty Cure! Movie : The Lost Wonder of Wonderland! and He's also known as the joker.


His appearance is not very clear. In the movie, it only shows that his body is trapped somewhere while his spirit ran away and corrupt the heart queen. A small part shows his body from behind. He has long black hair and very pale skin. He seemed to wear a red mask. He also wears a red and white joker hat, purple shirt with ballooned long sleeves, black pants and red long vest. His spirit has now shape but a black thingy and people's eyes turned red when corrupted by him.


He's very evil and revengeful. He was once a loyal subject of Wonderland. One day he went to the forest to find a wild flower ordered by the queen but only to disappear. When reappear, he attacked the heart queen saying that this is all her plan to get rid of him and he gets banished from Wonderland.


  • He is a movie only character


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