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Tri-Bloom Academy (トライブルームアカデミー Toraiburūmuakademī?) is the school that the Pretty Cure in Floretta Pretty Cure! attend. The school also consists of a student council as well as several clubs for students to participate in. The headmistress is Amano Makoto.



Nikkou Migaki

Nikkō Migaki wearing the Summer Uniform


During the Summer, the girls are required to where a one-piece pale red dress with a green collar and a red bow. They also are required to where white tights and black flats


Here is the list of clubs that go on at the school:

  • Art Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Sports Clubs:
    • Basketball Club
    • Tennis Club
    • Volleyball Club
    • Multi-Gym Club
    • Swim Club
  • Music Clubs:
    • Woodwind Club
    • Brass Club
    • Percussion Club
    • Vocal Club
    • Choir Club

Notable Students

Student Council

Notable Staff


  • Tri-Bloom Academy is actually intended to be a pun towards the Aikatsu Unit, Tristar which coincidently has a member called Mizuki


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