Tora Narumi
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Stop trying to hurt these children! It's bad enough we're disabled!
—Narumi on episode 17

Tora Narumi
Tora Narumi
English DubNarumi Tora
SeasonCandy Crystal Precure Go!
GenderGirl ♀
Birthday DateMarch 23rd
Eye ColorLight pink (Narumi)

Pink (Cure Gumdrop)

Hair ColorOrange (Narumi)

Reddish orange (Cure Gumdrop)

OriginRainbow hills 🇯🇵
FamilyTora Rinko (Older sister)

Tora Ayane (Mother)

Tora Rikuto (Father)

First AppearanceCCPCG03
Voice ActorSumire Morohoshi (Jpn)

Grey DeLisle (Dub)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Gumdrop
WeaponLollipop Harp
Form Change (s)Prism Gumdrop (Upgrade)

Sparkle Gumdrop (Ultra)

Theme ColorPink (Narumi)

Orange & pink (Cure Gumdrop)

Tora Narumi (虎なるみ) is the second Cure to join the Candy Crystal Precure Go! team. Her alter ego is Cure Gumdrop. Her catch phrase is "Ultra amazing! (ウタラアメイジング!)"


Ever since she was born, she has always been blind. But her parents let her go to school because her childhood friend Paige Fujiko can help her when needed.

Paige helps her out whenever she is with her so they can have fun together without having her helpers get in their way.


Despite the fact she is blind, she is quite content with her way of life. But she can be slightly sheepish sometimes and often starts mumbling to herself when nervous. She is incredibly smart and knows over 5 languages, such as French, English, German, Italian, Welsh, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and of course, Japanese. She Also loves gumdrops and gummies.


Tora Narumi

She has long orange hair tied up in a bun by a pink band. She also has curly bangs. She is wearing a simple pink dress with a hot-pink sash. She also has pink boots with long pink socks.

Cure Gumdrop

She has long curly reddish orange hair tied into two twin-tails held up with pink bows that have pink gumdrops in the middle. Also, her curly bangs have small multi-colored gumdrops. She is whearing a pink dress with multiple layers and a orange bow on her chest. The skirt has lots of multi-colored gumdrops and gems. Her gloves and shoes have orange and pink stripes alternating each stripe. Her shoes also have small hearts at the toes.

Cure Gumdrop

"Yummy gummies! Cure Gumdrop! Ready to serve!"
Oishii gamizu! Kyua Gamudorappu! Dekiagari!


Tora Rinko (older sister)

Tora Ayane (Mother)

Tora Rikuto (Father)

Paige Fujiko (Childhood friend)


Narumi means "Roaring of the sea".

A Gumdrop is a chewy sweet sold to children.


"Pretty Cure! Gummy power!" (Basic attack)


"Pretty Cure! Gummy harp strum!" (Attack)


"Yummy gummies! Cure Gumdrop! Ready to serve!" (Ending transformation phrase)

"おいしいガーミ! キュアガムドラープ!出来上がり!"


Transformations (CCPCG!)


  • Narumi is the first Cure to be blind in civilian form.
  • Narumi is one of the first Cures to have a Mew as her sister.


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