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01 Shōrai no kyaria! Mezame, Kyua Shīkuretto!
"The carrier of the future! Awaken, Cure Secret!"
Gero 2014-01-05
White Lady sends Aion away with three accessories made from three gems of her necklace, as her castle gets taken. Kaede finds herself in the middle of a monster attack, transforms into Cure Secret for the first time, meets a fairy, and battles the monster.
02 Nikkō no kōsen! Tōchaku shi, Kyua Deiraito!
"The ray of sunlight! Arrive, Cure Daylight!"
Jera 2014-01-12
Aion informs Kaede that her bracelet is one of three, and that she should hurry and find the suitable persons for the other two. Kaede brings the two other accessories to school, but doesn't figure out who the person is, even though she strongly suspects it's Miwa. A monster attacks the school, and Kaede transforms, and fights it. She is winning, until Jera decides to join in. Hotaru runs out just in time to see Cure Secret get sent into the ground by the monster. She transforms into Cure Daylight for the first time, and helps to battle the monster.
03 Kyua Deiraito no kutsū! Watashi wa tasukeru koto ga dekiru yō ni shitai!
"Cure Daylight's distress! I want to be able to help!"
Gero 2014-01-19
Summary: WIP
04 Gero 2014-01-26
Summary: WIP
05 Gero 2014-02-02
Summary: WIP
06 Jera 2014-02-09
Summary: WIP
07 Kaze no senshi! Seikō, Kyua Misuterī!
"The warrior of wind! Succeed, Cure Mystery!"
Jera 2014-02-16
The Time Crown goes missing, and Aion sets off to find it whlie Kaede and Hotaru spend a day in town. He traces it's tracks to the cures' school, where it disappears, and being unable to find the trace again, he starts looking for Kaede and Hotaru to tell them what happens. On the way, he gets attacked by Jera, and does only barely get away. Jera summons a Gyaku, and the cures are having a hard time fighting it, when another cure shoots it down, and purifies before leaping away.
08 Anata dare? Kyua no nakama o kensaku!
"Who are you? The Cure's search for a comrade!"
Gero 2014-02-23
Summary: WIP
09 2014-03-02
Summary: WIP
10 2014-03-09
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11 2014-03-16
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12 2014-03-23
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13 2014-03-30
Summary: WIP
14 A ā ̄! Imōto no nayami! Kaede to Asutorea no tatakai!
"Uh oh! Sister troubles! Kaede and Astraea's fight!"
Jera 2014-04-06
Summary: WIP
15 Yōmasosh'ki no kirifuda! Shibira ga akiraka ni!
"Youmasosh'ki's trump card! Sibylla revealed!"
Sibylla 2014-04-13
Kaede and Hotaru get a day off from school, and decides to do something together, but isn't able to figure oout what at a start. Finally, they decides to go watch a movie, and does so. When the movie has ended, it is already dark outside, so the cures decide to go home. On their way, they hear a battle going on, and runs to the noise, finding the mysterious cure fighting a Gyaku, but is struggling, as it is stronger than the others before it. Kaede and Hotaru does quickly transform, and tries to help, but are simply swatted away by the monster, and they gets forced back to their civillian forms. The mysterious cure manages to purify the Gyaku after the other cures failed to help her, but falls to her knees after doing so. A woman, seeminly human, walks out from behind a tree and congratulates her on her win, but smirks and says that the real fight is about to start. She lets go of the disguise, and says that her name is Sibylla. The mysterios cure does slowly rise to her feet, and replies that she's Cure Mystery, and the episode ends.
16 Tsuini! Misuterī no kakunin ōtō!
"Finally! Mystery's acknowledgement!"
Sibylla 2014-04-20
The fight between Cure Mystery and Sibylla commences, and it's clear that Sibylla has the upper hand. She forces Cure Mystery to go on defence solely, and does every so often break through it. Sibylla sends Cure Mystery down into the ground, and smoke arises from the impact. Sibylla smirks, and when the smoke clears, the cure is unable to rise. Sibylla walks over to the fallen cure, and rises her left hand in the air, where a dark green sphere of energy forms. She says what she expects to be the final words Mystery will ever hear as a cure, and lowers her hand, making the sphere point directly at Cure Mystery. Before she is able to shoot, she herself gets shot in the side by a spiral beam in red and green. The other two cures had managed to transform just in time. They dash towards Sibylla, but before they get to her, she teleports away.
17 Pajamapātī! Danketsu no chikara!
"Slumber party! The Power of Unity!"
Jera 2014-04-27
Summary: WIP
18 Miwa no okiniiri no basho! Yume o kensaku!
"Miwa's favourite place! The search for dreams!"
Sibylla 2014-05-04
Rina and Kaede's class get an assignment in Home Economics to figure out what their wish for their future is, and what place that is the most dear to them. As they talk about it after school, when Hotaru has joined them, they find out that she got that assignment as well. Miwa states that she does not know what place is truly important, and the Cures decide to help her find it. They walk around town just looking, and eventually stops at a child's playground. Miwa explains that she used to play a lot there when she was younger, Sibylla appears out of nowhere, and turns one of the swings into a Gyaku. The Cures get Miwa to hide, and the fight begins, and goes in the Cure's favour, until Sibylla suddenly grabs Miwa with her hair, and hits her with a dark green beam, and Miwa fades into a small, glowing soft pink sphere with a white centre, which Sibylla grabs, and the episode ends.
19 Tewonobasu to kanojo ga yomigaeru! Ekuseru Kyua Deiraito!
"Reach out and bring her back! Excel Cure Daylight!"
Sibylla 2014-05-11
As the fight with Sibylla goes badly, with Sibylla using the glowing pink sphere that was Miwa as a hostage, Sibylla finally decides to drop yet another bomb on the cures. She fuses the pink sphere with the Gyaku, and it evolves into another, stronger Gyaku, before she decides to go passive to see the power of the upgraded Gyaku in action. The Cures fare no better against it, than it's former form and Sibylla. Eventually, as the cures get beaten down, their transformations gets undone, and Sibylla leaves, having found the results she wanted. The cures girls struggles to get up, and does finally manage to do just that. They all tries to transform again, but only Hotaru manages to. She does easily get shoved away by the Gyaku, not dealing much damage, but as Hotaru doesn't give up, and that triggers her first form upgrade, and the Excel belt forms around her waist. She gains back her original powers and a lot more power using the upgrade. She does easily beat the powered up Gyaku, and turns back Miwa to normal.
20 2014-05-18
Summary: WIP
21 Nakama e no ai! Ekuseru Kyua Shīkuretto!
"Love of a comrade! Excel Cure Secret!"
Summary: WIP
22 Watashitachiha kyōtsū no kanshin o motte irunode, watashitachi ga kyōryoku shimashou​​!
"We have a common interest, so let us cooperate!"
Summary: WIP
23 Naze watashi wa tsuyoku naru koto ga dekinai! Ekuseru Kyua Misuterī!
"Why can't I get stronger?! Excel Cure Mystery!"
Jera 2014-06-08
The episode starts out with the cures engaging a Gyaku in battle. Both Cure Secret and Cure Daylight activates their Excel-belts to boost their powers, and does rather easily avoid the blows from the Gyaku. Cure Mystery is having a harder time, and when she does almost get striked down, only saved by Cure Daylight picking her up, bridal style, and jumps away. Cure Secret purifies the Gyaku, and the girls transform back to their human selves. Rina starts to doubt herself, and as the episode progresses, Kaede and Hotaru tries to cheer her up, with little success. Jera attacks again, and as the fight progresses in her favour, she starts to taunt Cure Mystery, telling her how she is depending on the others, and that she's so much weaker than them, etc. Eventually, by finally realizing that she is fine the way she is, she triggers the Excel upgrade. She blasts the Gyaku off her friends, purifying it at the same time.
24 2014-06-15
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25 2014-06-22
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26 2014-06-29
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27 2014-07-06
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28 2014-07-13
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29 2014-07-20
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30 2014-07-27
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31 2014-08-03
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32 2014-08-10
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33 2014-08-17
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34 2014-08-24
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35 2014-08-31
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36 2014-09-07
Summary: WIP
37 Kanpekina tanjōbi! Sore o himitsu ni shite oite kudasai!
"The perfect birthday! Keep it a secret!"
Summary: WIP
38 2014-09-21
Summary: WIP
39 2014-09-28
Summary: WIP
40 2014-10-05
Summary: WIP
41 2014-10-12
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42 2014-10-19
Summary: WIP
43 Happī Harou~in! Purikyua VS Kyūketsuki-san!
ハッピー ハロウィン! プリキュア VS 吸血鬼さん!
"Happy Halloween! Pretty Cure VS Miss Vampire!"
Summary: WIP
44 2014-11-02
Summary: WIP
45 2014-11-09
Summary: WIP
46 2014-11-16
Summary: WIP
47 2014-11-23
Summary: WIP
48 2014-11-30
Summary: WIP
49 2014-12-07
Summary: WIP
50 2014-12-14
Summary: WIP
51 Menomaede saigo! Watashitachi no tomodachi o torimodosu shimashou!
"The end in sight?! Let's bring back our friends!"
Chronos 2014-12-21
Summary: WIP
52 Kibō no saishū maku! Densetsu no purikyua ga umarete imasu!
"A final act of hope! The Legendary Precures are born!"
Chronos 2014-12-28
Summary: WIP

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