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Episode # Title Villain
01 Atarashī bōken! Hime, chikyū no saigo no kibō!
新しい冒険! 姫、地球の最後の希望!
"A new adventure! Hime, the Earth's last hope!"
Cure Whip
One day, Hime takes a walk in the park to find a girl named Cure Whip hurt someone and take the energy! And if that wasn't enough, her friend Bibury is...a fairy?! Will Hime unlock her powers to save everyone?
Episode # Title Villain
02 Shukufuku no hana! Kyuaferisu ga koko ni iru!
祝福の花! キュアフェリスがここにいる!
"The flower of blessings! Cure Felice is here!"
Cure Custard
Hime meets a beautiful girl named Cure Felice, who loves flowers. Cure Custard targets a small girl to take her kirakiraru, so it is up to Hime and Felice to stop the enemy! But what is Felice's power...?
Episode # Title Villain
03 Shinpi-tekina josei no himitsu wa nanidesu ka... ?
"What is the mysterious lady's secret...?"
Cure Gelato
Hime and Cure Felice become a duo! But they meet a woman named Shamour, who has a big secret! The fierce Cure Gelato disrupts a concert and takes the Kirakiraru of the band! Will Felice and Hime be able to take on Gelato?! And what secret is Shamour even keeping?
Episode # Title Villain
04 Rejīna, mudana ōjo-sama no on'nanoko!
"Regina, the vain princess-like girl!"
Cure Macaron
Regina, a new girl, transfers to Hime's school! She becomes quick friends with her, but Shamour is skeptical about their friendship. The haughty and crude Cure Macaron disrupts a fashion show and takes the crowd's Kirakiraru, which is a hard battle Hime will have to face! Wait, why is Regina here...?
Episode # Title Villain
05 Kyupirappa 〜-ai, pawafuruna josei!
"Kyupirappa~ Ai, the powerful lady!"
Cure Chocolat
Ai moves to Hime's town and becomes friends with her, even recognizing Regina! The lustful Cure Chocolat takes a young girl's Kirakiraru and it is up to Ai to stop the enemy?! "Kyupirappa!"
Episode # Title Villain
06 Issho ni! Dareka ga inaku natte imasu ka?
一緒に! 誰かがいなくなっていますか?
"Together! Are we missing anyone?"
Cure Whip
Hime has a deep feeling that someone is not included in her newly formed club that her team uses as a hideout. Cure Whip is back, and she's not happy! What will Hime do?!
Episode # Title Villain
07 Kaze to tsuki no chikara ga musuba reta toki! Chīmu wa kansei shimashita!
風と月の力が結ばれた時! チームは完成しました!
"When the power of wind and moon unite! The team is complete!"
Cure Parfait
New students named Michiru and Kaoru show up to Hime's school. Hime takes a liking to them, even the slightly suspicious Regina. The sixth guardian Cure Parfait attacks this time! Could Michiru and Kaoru be the key to freedom?
Episode # Title Villain
08 Donata? ! Hime no himitsu no sūhai-sha!
どなた?! 姫の秘密の崇拝者!
"Who is it?! Hime's secret admirer!"
Cure Chocolat/"Akira"
Hime gets a heart from some boy named Akira. But who is he really? Could he be an enemy?! Hime and her friends will have to find out for themselves as they tangle with a giant monster!
Episode # Title Villain
09 Shōtaimu! Watashitachiha aidorudesu!
ショータイム! 私たちはアイドルです!
"Showtime! We are Idols!"
Cure Macaron and Cure Parfait
The girls have received a gift from a fairy in a monitor: the Legend Pad! Using shiny Mode-Clickers, they use the power to become idols! But Cure Macaron disrupts the concert. Now the girls have to use their...tambourines to attack?
Episode # Title Villain
10 Daitan'na bōken! Patisurītaimu!
大胆な冒険! パティスリータイム!
"A daring adventure! Patisserie Time!"
All the Cures
Using the power of the Legend Pad once more, Hime and the girls shall go undercover as Patisserie chefs! Watch with fear and excitement: Shamour makes the best pie with a little secret, Felice steals cookies and Hime proves that laughter is the sweetest thing! Let's・La・Cook!
Episode # Title Villain
11 Kureijīpafōmansu! Kiryuu shisutāzushōtaimu!
クレイジーパフォーマンス! 桐生シスターズショータイム!
"Crazy performance! Kiryuu Sisters Showtime!"
Cure Gelato
The Kiryuu Sisters host a concert at the school, and Hime's pride is what will motivate them! But Cure Gelato attacks the concert and even takes the Kiryuu sisters' Kirakiraru! Now Hime and Shamour will have to work together to stop their enemy!
Episode # Title Villain
12 Motto arimasu ka?! Subete no purikyua wa chīmu o kumu!
もっとありますか?! すべてのプリキュアはチームを組む!
"There's more of them?! Every Pretty Cure teams up!"
Every single cure (except for Eas and Felice)
The Patisserie Cures just won't give up! This is further supported when they summon every single cure from the past season (well, except for Cure Felice) to fight the team! It will take Hime and her friends immense courage and determination to win this battle!
Episode # Title Villain
13 Kyuashokora no kikan! Kyuaburaunī Dekiagari!
キュアショコラの帰還! キュアブラウニーできあがり!
"The return of Cure Chocolat! Cure Brownie is Ready To Serve!"
Cure Chocolat
Cure Chocolat decides to stalk and target Hime?! But she won't let her kirakiraru get stolen! With brownies and plenty of happiness inside her heart, Hime shall unlock a new side of her: Cure Brownie!
Episode # Title Villain
14 Watashi no atama kara dete kudasai! Kyuashokora wa itaru tokoro ni arimasu!
私の頭から出てください! キュアショコラはいたるところにあります!
"Get out of my head! Cure Chocolat is everywhere!"
Cure Chocolat
Ever since discovering the Cure Brownie side of herself, Hime is seeing Cure Chocolat everywhere! With regret in her heart that she wasn't able to purify her, Hime takes off to confront the leader of the patisserie cures: Lumière!
Episode # Title Villain
15 Kowaidesu! Purikyua no pāji!
怖いです! プリキュアのパージ!
"I'm scared! The Pretty Cure's purge!"
All the cures
Cure Whip unleashes her fiercest attack yet: She has commenced a purge on the town! Hime and her friends must combat the cures (who are now wearing disturbing masks) and they must bring the world's light back before the clock strikes 7!
Episode # Title Villain
16 Hime wa supottoraitohogādesu ka? Chīmu wa datsuraku shite iru!
姫はスポットライトホガーですか? チームは脱落している!
"Hime is a spotlight hogger? The team's falling out!"
Cure Whip
Cure Whip spreads cruel rumors about Hime hogging the spotlight! Even her friends believe the rumors, which causes them to split up?! Hime must set off on a journey alone to prove that even a leader of strong heroes need to do some things themselves!
Episode # Title Villain
17 Saidaide kawai-sa! Kurisutaruanimaruzu wa kochira 〜
最大で可愛さ! クリスタルアニマルズはこちら〜
"Cuteness at the max! Crystal Animals are here~"
Cure Custard
A package arrives at the Secret Cupcake Club's door: A pack of amazingly cute crystal animals! But Cure Custard is also looking for them. Can Michiru save everyone with her unlikely friend, Felice?
Episode # Title Villain
18 Kanojo wa yowai janai! Īsu to kanojo no saigo no sutando!
"She isn't weak! Eas and her last stand!"
Cure Gelato
After Cure Gelato mercilessly beats up Eas, everyone is convinced that she is a weak person. Without Hime or anyone to help her fight her depression, Eas confronts Cure Gelato and...powers up?!
Episode # Title Villain
19 Suteru? Shamuru no jirenma.
"Thrown away? Shamour's dilemma."
Cure Macaron
Miss Shamour has a large problem: her friends don't even notice her! This problem is further explored when she is captured by Cure Macaron. Now Ai and Regina have to travel to the top of Mount Everest to prove that they care for their friend!
Episode # Title Villain
20 Gokigen'yō! Ie to hokanohito wa purinsesudesu!
ごきげんよう! 家と他の人はプリンセスです!
"Good day! Hime and the others are princesses!"
Cure Chocolat
Hime and the others become transfer students at noble academy! Cure Chocolat targets a shy student named Yui. What will the girls do when both Hime and Yui question their love?
Episode # Title Villain
21 Hōki sa reta manga! Michiru no yume!
放棄された漫画! みちるの夢!
"The abandoned comic! Michiru's dream!"
Cure Parfait
Kaoru has shared a large secret: Michiru used to write a comic! But when Cure Parfait rips it apart, Michiru begins to doubt her own future! Could her creativity be the key to happiness?
Episode # Title Villain
22 Mukō no hoshi kara! No tōjō Sutā☆Tuinkuru Purikyua!
向こうの星から! の登場スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア!
"From the stars across! Here comes Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure!"
Cure Chocolat and Parfait
Hime and the others have met the beautiful Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cures! But Cure Parfait and Chocolat attack them and take Cure Star's kirakiraru! With unlikely allies such as Cure Milky, Cure Selene and Cure Soleil, will the girls save Cure Star before time runs out?
Episode # Title Villain
23 Kokoro no henka? Shokora to Makaron wa karera no chīmu o uragiru!
心の変化?ショコラ ーとマカロンは彼らのチームを裏切る!
"A change of heart? Chocolat and Macaron betray their team!"
Cure Whip
Hime and the others have found a large secret: Cure Chocolat and Macaron really want to be purified. Hime is skeptical about this, thinking that it could be a trap! Now with their unusual allies, Cure Brownie will stop Cure Whip from getting her way!
Episode # Title Villain
24 Ai no warutsu: Hime to Shokora!
"The waltz of love: Hime and Chocolat!"
Cure Custard and Cure Parfait
Hoshimenku Town's annual ball is coming, and Hime wants to take Chocolat as her partner! But Custard and Parfait crash the ball. And just when Hime and Chocolat were having a perfect moment! Now the two will combine their own strength and love to win the battle!
Episode # Title Villain
25 Hontō no kibō no uta: Jerāto no jōnetsu-tekina rapusodi!
"The true song of hope: Gelato's passionate rhapsody!"
Cure Gelato
After Cure Whip gives her one more chance, Cure Gelato spreads evil music throughout the town. And she challenges Eas to have a sing-off! Hime and Cure Chocolat have discovered her secret: Many years ago, Cure Gelato wrote a song about breaking free. Will Eas help Gelato realize the true meaning of freedom?
Episode # Title Villain
26 Dokidoki kandō! Hime no kekkonshiki!
ドキドキ感動! 姫の結婚式!
"Heart Throbbing excitement! Hime's wedding!"
Cure Whip
Cure Chocolat has finally popped the question, so Hime has to get everything ready for her wedding! But Cure Whip disapproves of their relationship. She crashes the wedding and steals the two special rings that represent love! Now Cure Chocolat and Cure Brownie have to risk everything to make things right!
Episode # Title Villain
27 Kaori no nami no shibuki! Kaoru ga ningyo ni narimasu!
香りの波のしぶき! 薫が人魚になります!
"The splash of the scented waves! Kaoru becomes a mermaid!"
Cure Gelato
Kaoru has become bored of wind. She asks Cure Felice to cast a water spell, but that ends up turning Kaoru into...a mermaid?! With her newfound powers, Kaoru must control the wind of the sea to take down Cure Gelato!
Episode # Title Villain
28 Tensai! Michiru no isogashī hibi!
天才! 満の忙しい日々!
"A prodigy! Michiru's busy days!"
Cure Custard
Exams for high school are right around the corner, yet Michiru is perfectly content! She has studied for it, maybe a little too well since she isn't paying attention to her friends. Cure Custard wraps the school in a web, and Michiru must save everyone! But with the exam on her mind, she must risk everything!
Episode # Title Villain
29 Tekii: Saiaku no fan damu!
"Hostility: The worst fandom!"
The fandom
The fandom for Hime's show have begun to get a little riled up. They call her show childish and disgusting, even comparing Hime to Cure Whip! In order to let peace be free, Hime must destroy the very thing that hurt her: the fandom.
Episode # Title Villain
30 Ken'etsu? Hime no kiki!
検閲? 姫の危機!
"Censored? Hime's crisis!"
Saban and other countries
Ever since Hime has launched her show across the globe, some bad things have happened. First the English dub does poorly with the voices, then they cut out important episodes, and now some countries have banned her show! Hime and her friends must travel to those countries to prove that they can be creative in their own free will!
Episode # Title Villain
31 Ferīche no dai bōken! Yumemiru hana no michi...
フェリーチェの大冒険! 夢見る花の道...
"Felice's grand adventure! The road of dreaming flowers..."
Cure Parfait
After being ignored for so long, Cure Felice must leave Hoshimenku Town and walk on the path of the flowers to find the Infinity Silhouette. But Cure Parfait wants to take the spirit's kirakiraru, so it's up to Felice to take down her enemy!
Episode # Title Villain
32 Norowareta: Omamori wa Hanamaki-byō ni tsunagaru!
"Cursed: The amulet connects to the Hanahaki Disease!"
Cure Custard and Kanjo Kobamu
Eas' love is crushed when Kanjo Kobamu, the boy she likes, rejects her feelings! Lately, Eas has been feeling more sick and coughing up...Flower petals?! And it's all because of a mysterious cursed amulet she can't take off?! This is confusing! Now that Cure Custard has captured Kanjo, Eas must set off on her journey despite her disease.
Episode # Title Villain
33 Jinsei no ōdōtai: Shamuru to hoshi!
"The zodiac of life: Shamour and the stars!"
Cure Parfait and Cure Custard
Miss Shamour has found her peaceful place: a distant and colorful pond in the gardens of the moonlight! But Cure Custard and Parfait have locked up the gardens, so Miss Shamour has to upgrade her Paw Ribbon Wand and call the power of the Zodiac!
Episode # Title Villain
34 Niji no owari! Parufe no taihai
虹の終わり! パルフェの大敗
"The rainbow's end! Parfait's grand defeat"
Cure Parfait
Cure Whip has grown tired of her colleagues disappearing, so she gives Cure Parfait one last chance. Cure Chocolat has warned Hime about the attack, so she and her allies must get ready for the biggest challenge yet: purifying Cure Parfait.
Episode # Title Villain
35 Sekai o ōen shimashou! Hagutto! Purikyua!
"Cheer on the world! HUGtto! Pretty Cure!"
Cure Whip and Oshimaida
Cure Whip has teamed up with a giant monster named an Oshimaida, who is bent on destroying the future?! If that wasn't crazy enough, a girl named Cure Yell and her friends are looking for a special "Mirai Crystal". Now that the Oshimaida has become more powerful, it's up to Hime and Yell to take down the monster to ensure a bright future!!
Episode # Title Villain
36 Kokoro no uta: Shokora no merodī!
"Song of the heart: Chocolat's melody!!"
Cure Whip and Cure Custard
Hime has been feeling down due to everything that's been happening recently. But Cure Chocolat cheers her up with a new song she wrote. However, Cure Whip and Custard team up together and....take Cure Chocolat's kirakiraru?! Now it's up to Hime to sing the melody of love she received!
Episode # Title Villain
37 Chi no ame: Hime-san no saiaku no akumu!
"Rain of blood: Hime's worst nightmare!"
After hearing about the Mayan's end of the world calendar, Hime has become worried. She's been having nightmares of blood rain, dead flowers and Cure Chocolat disappearing from her loving hold! But this is all at trap set by Lumière, who wants to take Hime's kirakiraru! Hime will have to fight through the nightmare and accept that some things are better left forgotten...
Episode # Title Villain
38 Shinda hibana! Sayōnara, Miku…
死んだ火花! さようなら、みく…
"The dead spark! Goodbye, Miku..."
Lumière and Cure Custard
Miku's monitor screen has been glitching up, which can mean one thing: Miku will be free soon! But Lumière and Cure Custard interfere to not take Miku's kirakiraru, but to kill her by trapping the fairy in her dying prison forever! Will the girls save their dear friend? Or is this truly the disappearance of Hatsune Miku, the Princess of the Musicale Fantastical Kingdom?
Episode # Title Villain
39 Iyarashī gazō: Harou~īn no ōkoku
"Ghastly images: The Halloween Realm"
Hime hasn't caught up with the time due to recent events. So she and Cure Chocolat, Macaron, Cure Felice and Miss Shamour go into Lumière's next trap: A Halloween realm! Will Hime and her friends escape?!
Episode # Title Villain
40 Tomodachi o sukuu! Daitan'na bōken!
友達を救う! 大胆な冒険!
"Rescuing a friend! The bold adventure!"
Lumière and Cure Whip
After all that's happened recently, Hime must rescue Miku! But Lumière and her colleague block the way. Now the girls have to rescue Miku before time runs out - for the monitor and Miku herself.
Episode # Title Villain
41 Okashi-gun no taitō: Sekai ga hikitsuga rete iru…?
"Rise of the sweets army: The world's being taken over...?"
Lumière and Nightmare Sweets
Lumière has a new trick up her sleeve: she's summoning monsters called Nightmare Sweets, who can take in many amounts of Kirakiraru at once! Now Cure Brownie and Cure Chocolat have to fight those hideous monsters together to reach Lumière.
Episode # Title Villain
42 Warui yume: Shokora no osore!
"The bad dream: Chocolat's fear!"
Cure Whip
Cure Chocolat hasn't been sleeping well recently. Cure Whip keeps sending her nightmares of losing Hime. There's too many nightmares, Chocolat has grown overprotective of Hime and won't let her leave her sight! Now Brownie must show her love that it's okay to let someone go take a great risk!
Episode # Title Villain
43 Saigo no hanabira: Ferīche no gisei!
"The last petal: Felice's sacrifice!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
Due to all the pressure to be strong, Felice takes a great risk: she loses her energy keeping Cure Whip away from her! With grief and anger in her heart, Hime will keep fighting for her friend's legacy!
Episode # Title Villain
44 Tsuki to kaze wa horobiru: Kiryuu shisutāzu no gisei!
"The moon and wind die down: The sacrifice of the Kiryuu Sisters!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
First Felice dies, now the Kiryuu Sisters have lost their lives too?! Hime can't stop thinking about who might die next, causing her lover to worry. But with encouragement from her former enemies, Hime will stay strong.
Episode # Title Villain
45 Rejīna to Ai-chan: Ōjo no hanbun wa shinu!
"Regina and Ai-chan: The princesses' halves die!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
Regina and Ai get killed in the battle as well, now Hime has even more grief! With the knowledge that Regina and Ai were part of a princess, Hime will do whatever it takes to not lose her last two alive friends: Eas and Miss Shamour!
Episode # Title Villain
46 Saigo no tomodachi no shi: Hime no kanashimi no namida!
"Death of the last friends: Hime's tears of grief!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
The last two alive friends of Hime get killed. Hime now becomes more depressed as she prepares to move on to the final battle. But with her friend's spirits by her side, Hime will never be alone again!
Episode # Title Villain
47 Karera no tamashī o torimodose! Hime no tomodachi ga kaettekita!
彼らの魂を取り戻せ! 姫の友達が帰ってきた!
"Take back the souls of them! Hime's friends return!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
Cure Chocolat knows how to cure Hime's depression: she must revive the girls with the help of Hime herself. But Lumière doesn't want her enemy to get back the souls of the girls. What will Hime do?!
Episode # Title Villain
48 Zetsubō ni ochīru: Hime no kanashī kako!
"Thrown into despair: Hime's sad past!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
Just as Hime's friends have finally returned, Lumière traps her enemy of darkness! This bubble throws Hime into a pool of despair, which brings up her depressing past. Will Cure Chocolat snap her love out of her prison?!
Episode # Title Villain
49 Sekai o sukuu! Min'na no tame no okashi!
世界を救う! みんなのためのお菓子!
"Save the world! Sweets for everyone!"
Cure Whip and Lumière
Due to the damage that the Patisserie Cures caused, the world is...falling apart?! With the last bit of strength in her heart, Hime and her friends shall use up their power to save the world before it's too late!
Episode # Title Villain
50 Ai no mirai: Hime no chikara!
"The future of love: Hime's power!!"
Lumière Whip
Now that Lumière and Cure Whip have fused together, Hime's heart is ripped out, along with her Kirakiraru! With everyone cheering not only Hime but her friends, it will take all the power in the world to win the final battle!

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