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The making of Candy Crystal Precure Go!.
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The making of Candy Crystal Precure Go!
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Welcome! This page has all the ins and outs of Candy Crystal Precure Go!'s development. The stages of development include information such as: Where the original idea came from and Change of characters.

Stage 1: The original idea

The idea of making a fan-made Pretty Cure came to me one day September 2016. It was originally going to be called Diamond PreCure! and the Cure names were Cure Diamond, Cure Topaz, Cure Emerald, Cure Ruby, and Cure amethyst.

Stage 2: Changes

When I learned that there already was a Cure Diamond, (from Doki!Doki!) I changed her name to Cure Crystal. At the same time as her name was changed, I considered changing the name to Gem PreCure or Crystal PreCure; in the end, it was named Crystal PreCure. Cure Ruby was completely removed from the series after I decided I was unpleased with her design.

Stage 3: From Crystal PreCure to Candy Crystal Precure Go!

A few months later, I joined the FoPCw and started CCPCG. Tap here for original page!

Very first CCPCG logo

Very first logo

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