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The Void
No Kyo
Personal Information
AgeProbably as old as the universe
Home PlaceItself
Anime Information
SeasonYeah! Pretty Cure 5
First AppearanceYeahPC501
Voice ActorRobert Colvard

The Void (の虚 No Kyo) is a place of nothingness in the cosmos. It shows up in Yeah! Pretty Cure 5.


The void, the place, didn't exist until the universe was created.

In 2007, the Dark Pretty Cure 5 are defeated and sent here, rather than being reborn like in the movie-only credits scene.

In 2025, an explosion happened in the Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure's Jewelry Box. Many ghosts were sent to the void as punishment for their crimes. Bully was one of these ghosts.

The Void and Dark Lemonade sing a song.



  • The void can rock around whenever it wants to. Nobody dies, the void's just like that.
  • The void is voiced by Robert Colvard. He sings a song with Dark Lemonade and then that's it.

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