Tanaka Kurumi
Tanaka Kurumi
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceNijimikushi
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuTanezaki Atsumi

Tanaka Kurumi (田中くるみ Tanaka Kurumi) is a secondary character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. She's the cures classmate from Avenir Academy


Kurumi has long and wavy light brown hair which she tied into twintails. She got blue eyes.


Kurumi is very straight-forward and honest with her opinions. She always compliment her friends if she notice something different but also gave her very honest opinion if something is happening.


Kurumi is one of the cure's friend in class. She's pretty close with Sakura because she love flowers. Despite her sudden rudeness and high spirited personality, she loves growing, taking care and arrange flowers. She often seen taking a good care of the school's garden with Sakura.


Aizawa Mako - Both are close friends since elementary school. People said that they are like the sun and the moon. Both always support and care for others.

Hanano Sakura - Both love to taking care the school's garden together.


  • She's one of the characters that will appear on the sequel.
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