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Takayama sensei Profile
Biographical Information
Season Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series
Kanji 高山先生
Rōmaji Takayama sensei
Age 21
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Grey
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Defense Club
Personal Status
Anime EDPC01
Voice Actors

Takayama-sensei (高山先生 Takayama sensei?) is a supporting character in the Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series. She is Umi and Suzu's homeroom teacher and the Defense Club's advisor. She is constantly being possessed by Wombat.


Takayama-sensei has long, messy grey hair tied into a high bun, and noticeable blush marks on her cheeks, but looses them once possessed. Her eyes are brown. She wears a unzipped brown blazer overtop of a white shirt, a brown skirt and heels.


Takayama-sensei is fairly timid and flustered prone. Though is stated to be brave and hard-working, with a cheerful disposition. However, whenever she is possessed by Wombat she gains more of his personality.



Kurohiko Miu - Miu is Takayama-sensei's working college. They are on fair terms with each other but don't see each other much because of Wombat's constant possessing habits.

Wombat - Though they haven't met in person, Takayama-sensei seems to be able to recognize Wombat's voice as seen when they walked past each other in episode 20. Wombat is accustomed to taking control over her body, much to the girls' dismay, to be able to move about in Kawai High School. When Ai becomes the school's doctor they become friends.




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