Takamagahara (高天原 Takamagahara, "Floating Bridge of Heaven"): was the celestial world located in the sky which is featured in the crossover season Gonzo☆Pretty Cure!, also a place for the Japanese gods, fairies and souls of the deceased ones live here also, including Juliet, Romeo, Chrno and Rosette. Their guardian and goddess was Portia Clemenzia De Ebe, Romeo's mother and Leontes' ex-husband. Yomi is the world of being represent life and paradise in Shinto mythology and the complete opposite of the shadow world, Yomi. The place first appeared in the episode 1 of the crossover season.


Japanese legend:


Portia take control as a goddess of Takamagahara:

Followed her death less 400 years ago, Portia's soul is sent at Takamagahara where she was the chosen one and became the new guardian and goddess of Takamagahara, she regain her youth, she was merged with the youkai, which making her as a Hanyou. Romeo, Gennosuke, Oboro and Juliet have to attend this event. Portia revealed at Oboro and Juliet they will be reincarnated in the future, and they are both destined to become new type of Precure, called the Onmyouji-Precure who possess supernatural powers able to see spirits, including the Shikigami. But only in the long years ahead than their existences are born, once a man from human world will becoming Abe no Seimei and created these new powers, because in the future, they must fight against Orochi will be released from the Dragon's Gate, if the evil ones have harvest the spiritual energy called the Mugen Furyoku for destroyed the world and thus Takamagahara.

400 years later:



From the episode 1,

Takamagahara Arc:

In the episode 37,


Name Image First Appearance Role
Portia Clemenzia De Ebe G☆PC1 Romeo's mother, Leontes' ex-husband, Goddess of Takamagahara
Juliet Fiammata Arst De Capulet G☆PC1 Romeo's lover, Princess of Neo-Verona (Past life), Hanyou, Onmyouji-Precure (After her reincarnation)


  • Takamagahara also bears the same name from Japanese mythology as well as Yomi.
  • Takamagahara is another world much more mythological than fairy.
  • This location will have a major role in the "Takamagahara Arc" from episode 36 to 41.
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