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Ōtsu kōzui no a kumu! Igai i nakama no tōchaku!
The Final Sky Pretty Cure episode 12
"Nightmare of the Great Flood! The Surprising Companion's Arrival!"
Air date March 22, 2016
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Opening Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Ending Golden Heaven
Directed by User:FairySina

Ōtsu kōzui no a kumu! Igai i nakama no tōchaku! (大つ洪水のあくむ!意外いナカマの到着! Nightmare of the Great Flood! The Surprising Companion's Arrival!?) is the 12th episode of The Final Sky Pretty Cure and the 127th episode of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. In this episode, Low's father, Aziz appears for the first time.


The episode started with Loo having a nightmare of his past. When he woke up, he met with Diamond, who noticed that something was going on. However, since Loo avoided her questions, Diamond reminded him that everyone would meet up at the Feather Castle at 10:00 am. At the Feather Castle, Chris was taking pictures of the castle while Ruby and the others were wondering about Catastrophe's plans. As Diamond and Loo arrived, the others were surprised that Loo was so silent, but their conversation has been interrupted by a portal that opened itself in front of the castle.

A man stepped out of the portal and the girls transformed. The girls tried to attack him, but he was able to block or neutralize any of their attacks. When Saffron attacked him with her lightning, her attack was destroyed by Loo, who also protected the girls while pointing his sword at the man who turned out to be Loo's father. As the girls were revealed that he was alright, Karalas was trying to steal Aziz's powers, but has been stopped by Whitney. Loo then kissed her to tell his father about their relationship. The group then headed to the mansion which belonged to Diamond's family, where Aziz met Diamond's grandmother.

Aziz and Loo then told the girls about the meaning of the nightmare, which is in fact something that actually happened to Loo when he was five. According to them, he has been swallowed by an enormous wave and almost drowned if Aziz didn't use his powers to save him. They also added that this flood was the reason that Loo's afraid of water and never learnt how to swim. Diamond then apologized to Loo for being too curious but Loo told her not to be sorry about being worried.

Meanwhile, Aziz still couldn't realize that Diamond and Loo are a couple.





Minor Characters

Major Events

  • Low dreamt of the great flood of Kamon.
  • The girls found out why Low is afraid of water.
  • Mie made her first debut.
  • Aziz appeared for the first time, since his debut in Sky Pretty Cure Episode 36.
  • The Cures met Aziz for the first time.
  • Catastrophe tried to get the Cures fight against Low's father.
  • Another flashback of Kamon has been shown.


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