Sweet Color! Precure: The Afterglow of Shizuka Town (スウィート・カラー! プリキュア:静香町の残光) is the first movie created by AixYume, telling the story of Shizuka Town - where Sweet Color! Precure takes place - with the view of the very first Pretty Cure in that realm.


"I'm just a afterglow of this beautiful town... Might be shiny, but not for too long."

"Please remember it, Sigre. After the afterglow, there must be night. The darkness, all over my dearest hometown... But remember, please remember, tomorrow will come, and that the dawn will always appear no matter what."


Pretty Cure

Voice Actor: Mai Nakahara (中原 麻衣)

A timid and quiet girl who has recently having terrible nightmares. But she wouldn't talk about it with anyone since she didn't have any friend nor having any memory about the bad dreams. After picking up Sigre - which she thought was a stuffed toy, Sen (was forced) to make a contract with him to become a Pretty Cure and help him solving the mystery of the Mares.


Voice Actor: Takuya Satou (佐藤 拓也)

Sen's mascot, who came to Shizuka Town to investigate about the rumoured monster aka Mares. Althought having the appearance like a stuffed crow toy, he is actually very warm-hearted and intelligent. Sigre can change to human form whenever he wants, but he prefer the mascot form.


  • Mares
The monster with horse look, which create nightmare in different ways and methods. They are the reason of people's scared and unwilling to fight back.
The person who accidentally "created" Mares was Sen - or in other word, her nightmare was so strong that it became real. Later then, at the end of the movie, she finally learned how to control her fear.
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