Personal Information
Birthday DateFebruary Twenty-Fifth
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPale Green
Home PlaceYuminari
Anime Information
SeasonFuture Dolls Pretty Cure
First AppearanceFDPC01
SeiyuuAyaka Saito

Suzume ( Suzume?) is a mystrious boy from Future Dolls Pretty Cure. He is good at hiding major secrets but let's out small hints. He has a object known as the time key, which he uses to travel through time. He currently lives with Yukine. His full name is Hanazono Suzume (花園 雀 Hanazono Suzume?).


Suzume is a happy boy who's good at keeping secrets. He enjoys Yukine's company, and feels rather sad when she leaves. He's helpful, polite and loves helping Yukine's mother and grandmother with thier work. He gets scared during thunder storms. He can be stibborn at times.


Suzume has a "girly" appearance from his mother. He has blonde hair that goes to the nape of his neck. It usually falls in his face. His eyes are pale green, which he aquired from his father. He wears a white button up shirt, blue shorts, white ankle socks and black shoes. When he fell from the time portal, he had a pale blue cloak over his clothes, what was held shut with a black bow. Yukine's mother, Shizuka enjoys dressing him up. His overall appearance often brings customers in.


  • Hanazono Yukine - Suzume's current caretaker and mother in the future. He enjoys spending his time with her and can get upset when she's not around due to school.
  • Mizuki - His father. Suzume stole one of the time keys and fell to Earth. In the setting of the story, Kazuki doesn't know that Suzume is his son, even though Yukine does.
  • Izumi Ranka - His friend.
  • Murasaki Umeka - His friend.




Suzume (雀) - Suzume (雀) translates to sparrow.

Hanazono (花園) - Hana (花) means flower, while zono (園) means garden.


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