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The Sunlight Kingdom (日光王国 Nikkō ōkoku?) is a kingdom appearing in The Tale of Carmine. The Sunlight Kingdom is one of the oldest countries of the world of light, following Skyriver and the Cloud Castle. The Kingdom of Sunlight is located close to the source of light, also known as the sun. The official name of the Sunlight Kingdom is Country of Sunlight (日光の国 Nikkō no kuni?).

Royal House

The Royal House of the Sunlight Kingdom consits of a big royal family with many princes and princess' as well as butlers and maids. The princes are taught how to protect themselves, while the princess' are trained in archery. Each child of the Royal House is the crown prince or crown princess of a county of the Sunlight Kingdom, while the oldest child will always become the ruler of the whole Kingdom. Known members are:



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