List of Step Dance Pretty Cure Episodes

Episode # Title Villain Main Events
01 Always Dream! I'm A pretty cure?

Hotaru enter into Seika Academy

Hotaru meet the old Cure Pop

Hotaru Becomes Cure Pop

Ruri tries to transform but fails in the middle

02 No good to be a pretty cure

Hotaru go to Ruri House

Ruri meets the old Cure Jazz

Ruri becomes Cure Jazz

03 Rebellious Cutness

Hikari meets the old Cure Rock

Hikari becomes Cure Rock

04 The strong bond Cure Classic!

Tsukina wants Hotaru to quit being a precure

Tsukina meets the old Cure Classic

Tsukina becomes Cure Classic

05 Stay Strong I'm Cure Disco

Yui meets the old Cure Disco

Yui becomes Cure Disco

06 United in stage Step Dance Pretty cure The girls want's to choose a team name, even the name is already choosen

Their mission is revealed

07 Let's the story starts! The girls decides to form a band
08 I'm quit! goodbye Pretty Cure? Ruri quits to become a precure
09 The forming bond Ruri becomes Cure Jazz again
10 Meeting The Charming Prince

Liry Is Lost!

The persuation for the music band

12 Our unit! Our Band!
13 The music club arrives, a hot competition
14 No sound at the theather
15 Pop VS Rock

The best sound is who?!

Hotaru and Hikari fight

Hotaru and Hikari discover that they can combine attacks

16 The flag of friendships!
17 OH MY GOD! Step Dance Precure in a mangá debut!?
18 Classic and Disco the strange combination?
19 Sing Matilda
20 For a dream at stage Hotaru meets her favorite singer
21 The music teacher that hates music
22 Rock problem? The love is hiding in a secret string
23 The yellow Cure! Cure Jazz courage
24 Pages of a emergency Tsukina wants to make her debut as a mangaka in secret
25 The dancing steps aiming for the best dancer
26 Fireworks resound music
The girls go to a Summer Festival.
27 The school festival! Prepare!
28 I can represent a princess? Set!
29 The unforgettable band
30 You are my precious treasure, the violin of dreams
31 Resour our rhythm
32 The past emerges The old step dance precure's appears
33 Reborn Trial The girls go to the Rhythm Land to do the reborn trial
34 Our difficult challenge, reveal your own power
35 We love you Hotaru! Let's reborn together!
36 The mysterious new cure
37 The pretty cure that comes from Brazil the powerfull Cure Samba Cure Samba Debut
38 More powerful girls, the first love is troubleling
39 Searchin for the secret box

Our Unite Power

Strong Strong Go 

Cure Samba debut
41 Searching for the secret box
42 Lento and Samba the two sides of a coin
43 Follow the spirt of the music! Searching for the musical merry go round
44 Our secret revealed

Merry XMAS

The tale of the colorful snow


Hotaru lost dream 

It's continue playing ? ...

47 The Jazz is resonating 
48 Fighting for the love

Liry-chan pure tear

Sing with all your heart

50 Our music is a link

Hotaru new dream appear

51 Hotaru Dream

A Stage with everyone

Hotaru transforms into Cure Diva

The other girls transforms into Idol Cures


We are Playing to the future

Step Dance Precure