Starlight Kingdom is one of locations in Solar Light! Pretty Cure Series. It's homeplace of Hikarimoto siblings and fairies. It's neighbour country to Michimura.


Some people find it very hard to believe that huge Starlight Kingdom actually began as small village that had around 200 inhabitants known as Starlight Clearriver but it eventually grew until it became Starlight Kingdom. Ever since it's begining it's been considered as one of greatest magical places.

Shortly prior begining of series Starlight Kingdom was attacked by group called Shadow. It's unknown what happened to most of inhabitants including Royal Family. The only place they couldn't get to is Jewel Garden where most of fairies and some of other inhabitants currently live. 


Fairies in Jewel Garden

There is tradition in Jewel Garden that each fairy is named after gemstone which comes from first pretty cure partner fairy whose name was Jewel.



Royal Family

Fairies from Jewel Garden



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