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Sparkling Heart Pretty Cure!
Series Information
Kanji スパークリング・ハート・プリキュア!
Romaji Supākuringu Hāto Purikyua!
Director Shimamori Amira
Studio TOEI Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original Run 2019/2020
Episodes 60
List of Episodes
Opening Theme Song TBA
Ending Theme Song Some Nights by FUN.
Theme/Motif(s) Friendship
Peace, Love and Happiness
Young, Wild, and Free
Series Guide
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Sparkling Heart Pretty Cure! (スパークリング・ハート・プリキュア! Supākuringu Hāto Purikyua!?, dubbed as Tangled Hearts Pretty Cure!) is a Japanese magical girl series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is formerly directed and written by Ahim de Famille, but taken over by Shimamori Amira. The season's themes are friendship, but it has many themes. It is the spinoff mashup generation of Prism Power Pretty Cure! Series; based on Rede Globo's 2013 telenovela, Sangue Bom.

Speculations (from creator)



Two different units in one pretty Cure team. Two best friends are started since childhood until they are became rivals. If your rival was a Cure and a Cure was your rival, would you team most?

Their friendship doesn't end. They can save in order of friendship. They can protect the world.


Pretty Cures

Elemental Heart

Hinoyuki Shinku (日野雪しんく Hinoyukī Shinju?)
The lead protagonist, Shinku is a tough, energetic girl and she is the best athlete in the class. She loves spicy and exotic foods and it is hot-blodded. However, she was always getting fails during classes, she needs help for her achievements. Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Burn (キュアバーン Kyua Bān?), which she represents the heart of flame.
Aozora Umi (青空うみ Aozora Umi?)
One of the protagonists, the Student Council President in Shinku's class. She is expert in Math and Science, she can hold and touch any dangerous items. She has a good looking and rich. Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Lake (キュアレイク Kyua Reiku?), which she represents the heart of ocean.
Tozen Ocha (当然おちゃ Tōzen Ocha?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Fern (キュアファーン Kyua Fān?), which she represents the heart of wind.
Tochi Suna (土地すな Tochi Suna?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Sand (キュアサンド Kyua Sando?), which she represents the heart of land.

Shimmery Star

Maddie LeBlanc (マディ・ルブランク Madi Ruburanku?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Kiss (キュアキッス Kyua Kissu?), which she represents the star of love.
Tara Mint (タラ・ミント Tara Minto?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Snow (キュアスノー Kyua Sunō?), which she represents the star of ice.
Kacey Newton (ケーシー・ニュートン Kēshī Nyūton?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Tech (キュアテク Kyua Teku?), which she represents the star of technology.
Camilla Lavender (カミラ・ラベンダー Kamira Rabendā?)
Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Drum (キュアドラム Kyua Doramu?), which she represents the star of music.

Sun and Moon

Cure Jewel (キュアジュエル Kyua Jueru?)
Cure Pearl (キュアパール Kyua Pāru?)

City of Unity

Happylou (ハピラウ Hapirau?)
Kimberlou (キンバーラウ Kinbārau?)

Illumination World

Supporting Characters


  • Glitter Chips - The seaaon's main collectibles. These are similar to Heart Seeds. Each have own symbol that represented in each theme.
  • Tangled Heart Mirror - The season's main transformation device. A heart-shaped mirror that can be formed as a brooch when they are in Cure forms or form changes. The transformation speech is Pretty Cure, Tangled my Heart!.



  • Both themes of PuriPawa and the canon seasons are mixed.
  • The most noted themes are fashion, nature, art, sports, music, and technology. However, the number of Cures are unknown.




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