This is list of Solar Light! Pretty Cure Episodes:

Episode # Title Villain Air Date

Akarui Rubī - Taiyō no Hikari.

明るいルビー  -  太陽の光.

Bright Ruby - Light of Sun.

Opun February 14th 2016
14 year old Himura Akari meets fairy named Ruby who gives her power to become Cure Soleil.

Atsui Emerarudo - Kaze no Hikari.

熱いエメラルド - 風の光.

Hot Emerald - Light of Wind.

Opun February 21th 2016
Akari's childhood friend Atsuikaze Midori gets power to become Cure Blow from fairy Emerald.

Kagayaku Topāzu - Hoshi no Hikari.

輝くトパーズ - 星の光.

Shining Topaz - Light of Stars.

Opun February 28th 2016
Akari and Midori meet shy first year student Hikarimoto Luccia and are shocked to learn that she is actually Cure Stella. 

Moeru Osore - Kako e no Setsuzoku.

燃える恐れ - 過去への接続.

Burning Fear - Connection to Past.

Down March 6th 2016
Akari is scared of her fire powers due to accident in which her parents died years ago. Now she has to face her fears to be able to completely control her power. 

Kashikoi Safaia - Mizu no Hikari.

賢いサファイア - 水の光.

Clever Sapphire - Light of Water.

Down March 13th 2016
At lunch break Akari, Midori and Luccia ran into Ito Sumire who later gets power to become Cure Sapphire. 

Kanashī hanashi - Sutāraito Okoku no Higeki.

悲しい話 - スターライト王国の悲劇.

Sad Story - Tragedy of Starlight Kingdom.

Down March 20th 2016
Luccia tells Akari, Midori and Sumire about what happened to her home Starlight Kingdom.

Gekkō no senshi - Kyua Runa

月光の戦士 - キュアルナ

Moonlight Warrior - Cure Luna



March 27th 2016
In the middle of battle when Pretty Cure are having trouble mysterious Pretty Cure Cure Luna appears. 

Imōto - Shinjitsu

妹 - 真実

Little Sister - Truth

Down April 3rd 2016
Scarlett realises that Akari is hidding something from her and ends up finding out about her Pretty Cure secret.

Chīmuwāku - Kaze no Bōru

チームワーク - 風のボール

Teamwork - Ball of Wind



April 10th 2016
Midori's volleyball team has match that'll decide if they are getting into national tournament or not so Kazue makes team practice very hard. When Kurotia and Kuromi attack again Midori's teamwork skill from volleyball may prove very usefull in battle.

Atarashī Merodī - Ongakuno Kumiawase

新しいメロディー - 音楽の組み合わせ

New Melody - Musical Combination



April 17th 2016
Sumire and Luccia find out their shared interesting in music which brings them closer. 

Deai - Atarashi to Furui

出会い - 新しいと古い

Encounter - New and Old

Dydark April 24th 2016
Sumire meets boy Julian on the way to library. Pretty Cure are attacked by new enemy Dydark. As they have trouble fighting him Cure Luna appears and fights him furiously.

Omoide - Watashitachiha Henkō Shimashita

思い出 - 私たちは変更しました

Memories -  We Changed

Opun May 1st 2016
Midori's old firend and childhood crush Izanagi comes to town and Midori becomes confused about her feelings towards him. 

Yottsu ha no Kurōbā - Tomodachi

四つ葉のクローバー - 友達

Four Leaf Clover - Friends

Down May 8th 2016
Girls end up in argument which makes them realise they don't know each other as well as they think they do. Will this be the end of their team or will they end up becoming closer than they were?

Futatsu no Kokoro - Hitotsu no Setsuzoku

二つの心  -  一つの接続

Two Hearts - One Connection



May 15th 2016
Julian and Sumire spend more time together and seem to start getting closer to each other. Meanwhile Akari and Midori spend day together and remember how they met each other while Luccia is looking at her picture from Starlight Kingdom. 

Atarashī Tomodachi - Furui Omoide

新しい友達 - 古い思い出

New Friend - Old Memories

Opun May 22th 2016
Sumire introduces Julian to her other friends. Meanwhile Akari is bothered by nightmares of her parents' deaths again. 

Kiiro no Kesshō - Murasakiiro no Ikari

黄色の結晶 - 紫色 怒り

Yellow Crystal - Purple Anger

Down May 29th 2016
Down has an idea, that Heart Light Crystal of Pretty Cure might be stronger than those of normal human. Because of that he attacks Luccia and steals her crystal, however before he could take it to Yamitiara Cure Luna appears and fights him determined to get the Crystal back.

Kakusareta Sutorenjā - Onajimi no Kao

隠された ストレンジャー - おなじみ の 顔  

Hidden Stranger - Familiar Face

Julian June 5th 2016
Luccia is very distracted because of what Cure Luna said. Other decide to go to amusment park to cheer her up. Cures are attacked by Kagewaru however there is no one nearby controling it. 

Kyōdai - Hakken

兄弟 - 発見

Siblings - Discovery



June 12th 2016
Leo suggests to Luccia that she should tell others truth about who she is but Luccia refuses to do it as she is afraid that'll change others' opinon of her. Meanwhile Toya meets girl who introduces herself as Hikarimoto Tomoyo while practicing archery. 

Ōjo - Shinjitsu no Toki

王女 - 真実の時

Princess - Time for Truth



June 19th 2016
After Cure Luna telling Luccia that she shouldn't be Pretty Cure, Luccia realises that she is her older sister Tomoyo. She tells others that she is actually one of Starlight Kingdom princesses and about her three older siblings Tomoyo, Takuro and Yukito. Dydark wonders why Cure Luna knows his real name and asks Opun and Down to work with him so he could get to her. 
20 Fushigina Amejisuto - Tsuki no Hikari

不思議な アメジスト - 月の光

Mysterious Amethyst - Light of Moon

Dydark June 26th 2016
Dydark and Cure Luna fight each other and it's soon revealed that Dydark is in fact Luccia and Tomoyo's older brother Takuro. Cure Luna's identity is confirmed to be Tomoyo as Luccia suspected. 

Ane - Bōgyo

姉 - 防御

Older Sister - Defense

Down July 3rd 2016
Tomoyo isn't very happy that Luccia is Pretty Cure so the two of them end up arguing. Akari talks to Tomoyo as she understands her feelings of wanting to protect little sister.

Faibu no Chīmu - Umi de no Yūjō

ファイブのチーム - 海での友情

Team of Five - Friendship at the Sea



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