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Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~
SkyRainbowStar Logo
General Information
Created inNovember 2013
Director Yousei A. Sina
Original RunJuly 1, 2014 - May 12, 2015
StudioFairyBerry Productions
Episodes46 episodes
Opening Song~Rainbow Stars~ Pretty Cure
Ending SongDancing on Clouds (episode 1 - 25)

Rainbow Staff Roll (episode 27 - 46)

Series Info
The sky
PredecessorSky Pretty Cure
SuccessorSky Pretty Cure RELOADED!
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Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ (スカイプリキュア〜Rainbow Star〜 Sukai Purikyua 〜 Reinbō Sutā 〜?) is the second season of Yousei A. Sina’s Sky Pretty Cure series. In this season, two new Cures join the Sky Pretty Cure team and together they form a complete rainbow. They also gain new powers by receipting new items and weapons. Like the predecessor, ~Rainbow Star~ includes funny scenes and discussions also romantic as well as the girls start thinking about their futures.

~Rainbow Star~ is Sky Pretty Cure's successor and also predecessor of Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! The season shares their main themes with the series itself, which are colors, jewels and the sky.

Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is also known as Magical Girls: Guardian Angels Of The Stars (魔法少女:スターの守護み使い?) and is the second season of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series.


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The story of Sky Pretty Cure plays on the blue planed, commonly known as earth. The main characters all live in a Japanese name, close to the Japanese sea. This town was once the home of the ancient warrior of holy light and is located close to Toyama, Toyama Prefecture. The town is seperated into suburb and downtown, while the story mainly focuses around the Feather Castletown suburb. Magical ways connect planet blue with magical countries, like the kingdom of colors or the so-called world of shadows. In Rainbow Star a new world has been reveled. This world is the castle of hope and the home of an angel of hope.


After the Pretty Cures have defeated Catastrophe and thought that they had saved the world of light, a new threat appears. Known as Black Diamond, the lady announces that she will make sure to defeat the forces of Pretty Cure. Feeling this crisis, two fairies from Skyriver went to earth along with the Rainbow pact to support the Sky Pretty Cures. But as they arrived, they were almost captured by Black Diamond. However, the two fairies were saved as new Pretty Cures appear...!


~coming soon~

Series Information


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A few days after Sky Pretty Cure has been created, Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ has been created in November 2013. The original idea behind Rainbow Star was adding two more colors to the Pretty Cure rainbow. The page was created after questioning the community of the Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki, if two more Cures should be added in a new season. These two girls should follow the themes of the original Cures, while having the colors of pink and purple. Both girls have their theme color in their family names and a jewel based given name. During the developement of Rainbow Star another Pretty Cure has been added due to the lack of black themed Cures in the canon Pretty Cure franchise, created by Toei Animation.


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Voice cast

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Weapons and Items






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  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the first sequel in which a Pretty Cure duo joins the team.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the first Pretty Cure season which has a normal girl controlled by evil and became a villain.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the third sequel season, preceded by Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ has the most number of Cures in FairySina's Pretty Cure Series with total eight main Cures and one evil Cure.
    • It has also the biggest number of main Cures on the canon Pretty Cure franchise.
    • Later, in The Final Sky Pretty Cure another Cure joins, which beats ~Rainbow Star~'s total of Cures.

Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the first season with only female evil characters.

  • The Sky Pretty Cure series has the largest number of Cures, with total 10 main Cures.
  • Along with the first season's relationship, a new one was added to this season.
  • The Shiro Private Middle School didn't appear in this season, as all Cures that attended it, are now high school students.
  • This season is the first season to include cosplay episodea were a normal person dresses up as a Cure.
    • It's also the first season with cosplay episodes overall.
    • It's also the first time that the team members act like the cosplayer actually has powers.
    • This episode makes a cameo to the twin Cures, the fandom wants to have so much.
  • Beginning with this season, the Sky Team have a new intro speech.
  • The planned name for Rainbow Star was slightly different; "Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Stars~". The reason for the change lies in a typing mistake.
  • Starting with this season, the Cures don't always say their individual intro speeches before posing together.


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