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Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED!
General Information
Created inJuly 2014
Director Yousei A. Sina
Original RunJuly 7, 2015 -
December 22, 2015
StudioRK Studios
Episodes25 Episodes
Opening SongMōikkai! Sky Pretty Cure!
Ending SongRainbow Harmony
Series Info
The sky
PredecessorRainbow Star
SuccessorThe Final Sky Pretty Cure
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Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED!スカイプリキュアRELOADED!」 is the third season of the Sky Pretty Cure Series created by Yousei A. Sina. In this season, the warriors of the sky return to save the power of harmony, which has been turned into the power of disharmony by a dark wizard. The motives of Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! equal the motives of the first season, Sky Pretty Cure, the colors of the rainbow and the sky above us.

Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! is Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~'s successor and pilot story to The Final Sky Pretty Cure. Adding to the motives of the sky, the season has also got a musical motif.

Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! is also known as Magical Girls: Guardian Angels Of The Sound (魔法少女:ヒビキの守護み使い?) and is the third season of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series.


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The story of Sky Pretty Cure plays on the blue planed, commonly known as earth. The main characters all live in a Japanese name, close to the Japanese sea. This town was once the home of the ancient warrior of holy light and is located close to Toyama, Toyama Prefecture. The town is seperated into suburb and downtown, while the story mainly focuses around the Feather Castletown suburb. Magical ways connect planet blue with magical countries, like the kingdom of colors or the so-called world of shadows. In Rainbow Star a new world has been reveled. This world is the castle of hope and the home of an angel of hope. In RELOADED!, the world of harmony has been introduced. It has been corrupted by the power of disharmony, spread by a dark wizard.


Separated from their magical friends, the girls are surprised by a little fairy from the Rainbow Harmony Heaven, who seaks for Pretty Cure's help. Telling that the mystical tunes disappeared, Melody warned them that a new threat will appear soon to attack them. Teaming up with Scarlet and the others again, Ruby and her friends are facing an adventure of music and normal school life, which can't be more messed up. However, they soon discover, that fighting the Cursed Tunes will be not as easy as thought...!


~coming soon~

Series Information


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In summer 2014, FairySina started thinking about adding another season, and with that thought, she unofficially created the Sky Pretty Cure Series. As Sky Pretty Cure was the only season she never seemed to drop, she created Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! during school classes. The basic idea of RELOADED! was to bring the power of music into the world of Sky Pretty Cure. Much like the classic magical girl anime Sailor Moon went, FairySina hoped for many seasons of Sky Pretty Cure. Like Rainbow Star, RELODED! got an extra character, Melody, who was supposed to bring music to the world of Pretty Cure. However, her powers were made weaker and now, she is ‘only’ the replacement of Feather of the prequel.


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Voice cast

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Weapons and Items






The design of the later removed Rainbow Bells

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  • Sky Pretty Cure is the first Pretty Cure season, which has a third season.
  • The Sky Pretty Cure series has the largest number of Cures, with total 10 main Cures.
  • All villains of this season, except for Yakyoku, used to be the power source of Rainbow Harmony Heaven, however they have been turned into human beings who decided to follow Yakyoku's orders.
  • The season exclusive item, the Rainbow Bells, which were supposed to give the Cures new, music bases attacks, were later removed from the season due to major changes.
  • RELOADED!, much like The Final Sky Pretty Cure, was planned to have 22 episodes. But the season was expanded to 25 episodes as Yousei A. Sina wanted another Christmas episode.
  • The powers and names of the villains of the season were highly inspired by the most important ocarina songs (excluding the Song of Time) of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:


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