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Toys and games were all produced by FairyBerry Production's merchandise brand Fairy Parfait and were sold by Bandai, who sold most of the Pretty Cure toys. At Sky Pretty Cure Merchandise, all goods that were produced for the season are listed. Included goods are toys, books, soundtrack CDs, etc.

Cure Dolls

Main article: Cure Dolls

Key Chains

  • Cure Crimson Key Chain
  • Cure Saffron Key Chain
  • Cure Sienna Key Chain
  • Cure Cyan Key Chain
  • Cure Azure Key Chain
  • Cure Whitney Key Chain


  • Color Commune
  • Warm-Color Commune & Cold-Color Commune carrying pack
  • Rainbow Pact + some Rainbow Tears
  • Heaven Crystals
  • Cure Crimson & Akahane Ruby Doll
  • Cure Saffron & Kiishi Topaz Doll
  • Cure Sienna & Mikanki Amber Doll
  • Cure Cyan & Midorikusa Emerald Doll
  • Cure Azure & Aomizu Sapphire Doll
  • Cure Whitnes & Shirosora Diamond Doll


  • Sky Pretty Cure Manga (Vol. 1 + 2)
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ Manga (Vol. 1 + 2)
  • Sky Pretty Cure Reloaded! Manga
  • The Final Sky Pretty Cure Manga

Special Stories

  • Sky Pretty Cure: Kamain no Monogatari
  • Sky Pretty Cure: Niji no Densetsu

CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays

DVD Volumes & Blu-rays



Cure Amiibos

Main Article: Cure Amiibo


  • Pillows
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