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Sky Pretty Cure: Kyujitsu ni Soragawa
Sky Pretty Cure: Holidays at Skyriver
General Information
Created on December 2013
Release May 31, 2014
Director Yousei A. Sina
Art Design Yousei A. Sina
Movie Info
Series Sky Pretty Cure
Opening Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Insert Träumend
Ending Issho ni natsu ni

Sky Pretty Cure: Kyūjitsu ni Soragawa (映画スカイプリキュア:休日に空川 Sky Pretty Cure: Holidays at Skyriver?, or Sky Pretty Cure: Urlaub auf Skyriver in the German dub) is the movie for the season Sky Pretty Cure. The movie was first shown in Japanese cinemas on May 31, 2014 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 19, 2014.


The Cures get invited to a holiday at Skyriver. They decide to go and Robin and Low join them. Arrived at Skyriver, they were welcomed by two people who introduced themselves as Beryl and Tanbaga. These two then lend the group to a peaceful looking place with a river, woods and three cottages. The group split up into three groups and put their stuff in the cottages they were divided to. The next day, they had a lot fun in water, with flowers and even had a barbeque at the end of the day.

However, as the next day started two powerful, evil beings freed them from their sealings and headed to the place the Cures were at. As the princess of Skyriver felt this she hurried to Skyriver. However, she came to late, Ruby, Robin and Sapphire disappeared again. The princess told them about the two demons of plants and of water. The girls think they want revenge and garther more power for that. In order to get their friends back, they transformed. Meanwhile Ruby and Sapphire put all their faith into the Miracle Lights, which freed them from the demons.

Reunited, the girls tried to defeat the two demons, however none of their attacks seemed to work. Neither physically nor magically. So they tried their most powerful attack. However, they have been interrupted and almost defeated that way. Low created a shield to protect the almost defeated Cures from farther attacks. The princess then told everyone to use their Miracle Lights and gave the Cures the power of her magical tiara. With this power and the Miracle Lights, the Cures transformed into Super Pretty Cure and defeated with a more powerful version of Rainbow Crystal Fantasy. With this power, Tanbaga and Marcasite were defeated.

Everything turned back to normal and the girls thanked Princess Alexa for helping them by giving them the power of her tiara. Princess Alexa, however, thanked the Cures for saving them, again and left. Beryl apologized for bringing them to such a dangerous place, but the Cures weren't mad at all. After that, the girls decided to stay here for the rest of the day and get home the next day.




Movie Exclusive Characters


Secondary Characters



  • The movie's story is based on a dream Yousei A. Sina had once.
  • This is the first movie that aired after the season's finale.





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