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Umikaze no hanasaku, midori na gurīn yo!
Sky Pretty Cure episode 04
"The Blooming Seabreeze, The green Green!"
Air date July 30, 2013
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Opening Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Ending Between Sky and Earth
Written by FairySina

Umikaze no hanasaku, midori na gurīn yo! (海風のハナサク、緑なグリーンよ! The Blooming Seabreeze, The green Green!?) is the 4th episode of Sky Pretty Cure. In the German dub, this episode is called "Ein Freund der Natur!" (A friend of nature!).



The episode starts with Catastrophe telling Void not to fail him like the others did. After that, Amber and her friends were shown celebrating with their families that her parents returned to Feather Castletown. Later, in Ruby's room, Scarlet and the others told Ruby and her friends that they don't know either why Catastrophe is attacking earth and reminds that there are three Cures missing. At the same time, Void was wondering why there were so many rainbows around the world. Then, after he concentrated again, he was able to catch a new color guard.

Later, after Ruby made Robin angry by leaving again, Scarlet started to feel some kind of power but couldn't tell what it was. But then, a refreshing wind touched the girls and revealed a new color guards. This one was green. As he told them that he can't find his partner, the three girls agreed to help him searching. Then Void attacked and the girls decided to split up, Ruby would fight Void while Topaz and Amber look for Green's partner. On their search, Topaz, Amber and Green reached the Blue Moon Park, where they were distracted by the grey sky and as they decided to help Ruby, they noticed that Green was gone.

Back with Crimson, Saffron and Sienna were able to defeat the Katahowa with a new attack. Though his Katahowa was defeated, Void didn't seem to be worried as he disappeared. After that, Scarlet told the Cures not to worry about Green as he should be with the fourth Cure now. At the end it was shown, how a girl took Green with her.





Supporting Characters

Major events

  • Ruby, Topaz and Amber meet Green for the first time.
  • Warm Explosion was used for the first time.
  • Green disappears at the end of the episode.
  • Cure Crimson decides to fight against Void while the others search for the fourth Cure.



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