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This is a category listing episodes for Show And Tell☆Pretty Cure!'.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Totemo kūru! Kyua Shō wa kochira!
とてもクール! キュアショーはこちら!
"SO COOL! Cure Show is here!"
Kristen Ricci is getting ready for her first day at her new school when she not only messes up her bangs.
02 Aou! Kyua Teru wa kochira!
会おう! キュアテルはこちら!
"Meet it! Cure Tell is here!"
Kristen befriends Camilla while helping work with the school.
03 Happī Harowin!
"Happy Halloween!"
It is Halloween!
04 Merī Kurisumasu☆
"Merry Christmas☆"
It's Christmas time!