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This Page show the history of the character Shirosora Diamond of Yousei A. Sina's Sky Pretty Cure Series.


Prior to the series, Diamond has suffered from a well-known disease which caused her to be quite weak and vulnerable and even though they were able to cure her, she still shows some symptoms of it today. Due to this disease, Diamond was usually surrounded by her family, who did everything to assure that she’d be alright and that she’d be happy. Until she was 4 years old, she never knew anyone else than her mother, her father, her grandmother and her relatives living in Tokyo. This fast changed when she met Sapphire and Emerald, who were playing outside with their families. The two girls had accidently kicked their ball in the Shirosora’s garden, so Sapphire, Emerald and Sapphire’s father went to get it back. Then, the three girls met. After seeing Diamond, Sapphire stubbornly wanted to play with her and didn’t accept a “no” as an answer. Since then, the three families have been in contact with each other and Diamond had learned the meaning of friendship.


Sky Pretty Cure

Rainbow Star


The Final


Holidays at Skyriver

Legend of the Rainbow Jewels

A trip to Kamon


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