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Personal Information
SeasonBeautiful Sky Pretty Cure
OccupationLiterature Teacher
AffiliationShiro Private Middle School
First AppearanceEpisode B04
SeiyuuMurakawa Rie
Family Information
ChildrenShirosora Taichi
Shirosora Shinju
Shirosora Pualani
Shirosora-sensei (白空先生?) is a minor character of Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure. She works as literature teacher at the Shiro Private Middle School and is the mother of Shirosora Shinju and her siblings.

Role in the Series

Shirosora-sensei plays a minor role in the anime. She first appeared in the 4th episode of the first season. She is a literature teacher and teaches at the Shiro Private Middle School. She is also the mother of Shirosora Shinju and her siblings, Shirosora Taichi and Shirosora Pualani. Unlike most of the other minor characters, she is aware that the girls have the powers to transform into magical girls and currently fight against an evil threatening the world.


Shirosora (白空?) - Shirosora comes from Shiro (?) meaning "white", "snowy", "bright" or "clear", combined with Sora (?) meaning "sky" or "air". So combined, Shirosora means "white sky", "bright sky" or "snowy sky". 空 can also be a synonyme for 天, which means "heaven" in Japanese. If 空 and 天 are combined, they mean "sky", "air", "firmament" or "ether". All together, they are a pun to the series' main theme, which is sky after all.

Diamond (ダイヤモンド?) - Diamond is named after the precious gemstone diamond with the same name. The word comes from Old French "diamant", which orignated from Medieval Latin "diamantem" and Vulgar Latin "adiamanten", altered by influence of the many Greek words in dia. The original word comes from Latin meaning "the hardest metal".[1] However, it can also mean "invincible, untamed". The diamond is also the birthstone of April.


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