Shinku Kure
Monster Mania - Shinku Kure
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorCrimson
Home PlaceSeinarushima (before becoming a vampire), Halloween Hills
RelativesKurenai Kure (younger sister)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Monster Mania
First AppearanceEpisode 01 - Rise of the Vampire
SeiyuuAkira Ishida

Shinku Kure is one of the villains in Pretty Cure Monster Mania. He is a proud vampire, who is the older brother of Kurenai and Onibara's current second-in-command.


A very loyal servant of Onibara and her current second-in-command, a title he loves to gloat about. Shinku comes off as a charismatic and vain vampire, with a very short temper. He very loyal to Onibara and her cause, firmly believing humans to be inferior.

Unlike most of the members of the Black Roses, Shinku (and his sister Kurenai) was actually born in Seinarushima before he became a vampire but is deeply ashamed of his human origins. His haughty and somewhat aloof personality makes it hard to get along with him, not that he wants to. Shinku prefers being alone, and reading romance novels.



Shinku, being Onibara's second-in-command, is fiercely loyal to her and respects her a lot. Anyone saying, or even implying, anything bad about Onibara can get Shinku incredibly furious.

Kurenai Kure
Kurenai is Shinku's younger sister. As children they used to be very close but the accident that turned them both into vampires caused a sort of distance between them. They're still together almost all the time but... something is definitely different between them. They tend to get under each other's skin a lot (with or without intending to), which Shinku is much more vocal and agressive about than Kurenai is. They do care about each other but they really need to sort things out between them, and their current situation isn't helping either.

Shinku can't stand Boneys. He is disgusted by everything about him, from his nature as a skeleton to his casual attitude about everything.

He is on very bad terms with Kuroneko. She loves to tease him because he always takes the bait. Shinku feels that his position is threatened by Kuroneko's close relationship with Onibara.

Yuina Akagawa, Miku Sumire, Wakaba Tsukino, Tomoko Hoshimoto & Kirika Uzumaki



  • In the original version of the story, Shinku was a crow demon named "Karasu", who had an obession with gold. In the original version he was still Onibara's second-in-command, had a similar personality and looked almost precisely like Shinku does now. He didn't have any relation to Kurenai though, as she was just a normal civilian in the original version.
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