This is the list of episodes for Shine★Pretty Cure!.

Episode List

Episode 1 - The miracle begins now! Pretty Cure is born!

Episode 2 - Rei's the second Cure?! No way!

Episode 3 - The Sun's warmth, Cure Clover!?

Episode 4 - Really!? The last Cure?! Yay!

Episode 5 - Our secret base – Lucky House!

Episode 6 - Lucky House first meeting!

Episode 7 - Kirakira! A baby is born?! No way!

Episode 8 - Aika's stressed! The loneliness of being a rich lady

Episode 9 - No way! Miho's parents got into a big fight!!

Episode 10 - A exciting farm experience! Pretty Cure's going to a farm!

Episode 11 - Chocola's power, Pretty Cure's powerups!

Episode 12 - Mother's Day is the key of bonding between a mother and daughter!

Episode 13 - Help! Yuuka and Sayuri's big fight! Rei doesn't understand the feeling of having a sibling!

Episode 14 - Impossible! Miho's quiting being a Pretty Cure?!

Episode 15 - No way! Hoshiakari's haunted?!

Episode 16 - Yay! Father's day is coming! What should Yuuka do?

Episode 17 - Really?! Kira's going to school?!

Episode 18 - Rei's frustration! Why should I be the student council president?

Episode 19 - Kyunkyun! Yuuka's first appearance in a advertisment!

Episode 20 - Big gathering at Lucky House! King Lie is maybe going to be revived!

Episode 21 - Big trouble! Pretty Cure vs Lie Team!

Episode 22 - Kira's kidnapped! We got to save her!

Episode 23 - Is it real?! King Lie is revived!

Episode 24 - Friendship is the key into defeating darkness!

Episode 25 - A trip to Candy Land! Exciting moments!

Episode 26 - A special family outing! Yuuka's overflowing excitement!

Episode 27 - Summer holiday has begun! What activities should we do?

Episode 28 - What the?! Pretty Cure's stuck in the world of games?!

Episode 29 - A exciting sports festival! Pretty Cure has took part in the relay race!?

Episode 30 - A interesting event! The Art Club's taking part in a international competition?!

Episode 31 - Miho's secret! The precious mountains!? Pretty Cure's going hiking!

Episode 32 - A excellent Summer Festival! Cherry blossoms blooming in the night sky!

Episode 33 - Protect them! Everyone's precious wishes!

Episode 34 - Benjamin and Rebecca's transferred to Hoshiakari?! No way!

Episode 35 - Yuuka's broken clay figure! What will Sayuri do?

Episode 36 - Reviving Queen Bright! Chcola's exciting day!

Episode 37 - Cherry's feelings are priceless! Please protect them!

Episode 38 - A live show! SHINING★STAR☆Love

Episode 39 - Yuuka's past! What is her real happiness?

Episode 40 - Really? Chocola's a lil' homesick?

Episode 41 - Aika's feeling sad! Lemon's trying to find out a way to make her happy?

Episode 42 - The start of King Lie's revival again, the battle of struggle between Pretty Cure and Lie Team

Episode 43 - Rebecca's betrayal for King Lie? She has decided to help Pretty Cure!

Episode 44 - Rebecca's brainwashed! She once again turns against Pretty Cure!

Episode 45 - Save Rebecca! Protect her real feelings!

Episode 46 - King Lie's second revival! What will Pretty Cure do?

Episode 47 - Yuuka's brainwashed too?! What should Pretty Cure do?

Episode 48 - Is is real? King Lie wants to destroy the whole world!

Episode 49 - Here it is! The miraculous light that connects friends' hearts!

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