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Seiya Odette
RomajiSeiya Odetto
Physical Information
Eye Color Viridian
Hair Color Viridian
Personal Information
Home PlaceLa Solaria
Cure Celestial
Eye Color Mint
Bright Green (Sparkling Warrior)
Hair Color Mint
Bright Green with Light Green Ombre (Sparkling Warrior)
Super Form(s)Galactic Cure Celestial
Sparkling Green Star Prism
Theme Color Mint
Secondary Color Yellow
Anime Information
Season(s)Sparkl!ng World Pretty Cure!

Seiya Odette is one of the protagonists in Sparkl!ng World Pretty Cure!. Odette, first appears as Cure Celestial, is a mysterious Cure who came up after the battle between La Solaria and Black Circle, but she didn't shown up. She was first appear when she saves the Cures and wants to protect La Solaria, the rulers and the StarLits. She was still besides with Alpha, Beta and later Gamma and she was possible to be related to Ginga Carina because she looks similar to her few appearances. She is blunt and distant, but always strong at her own justice, but heavenly, powerful and elegant.

Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Celestial, the star warrior represents the power of planets.




Cure Celestial is seems cold and distant. She was a warrior was came up after the battle. She is heavenly, but powerful and elegant. She was still besides with Alpha, Beta and later Gamma. She was possible to be related to Carina because she looks similar to her few appearances.

When Cure Celestial saves Carina, Amanohana Ashley, Nagareboshi Isabel and Myojo Eireen against Holos, she still felt because that she was included in a karat from the emblem, because her main color being mint.


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Cure Celestial

PicsArt 02-18-09.05.05

"The star of planets that connects the universe! Cure Celestial!"
宇宙を結ぶ惑星の星! キュアセレスティアル!
Uchū o musubu wakusei no hoshi! Kyua Seresutiaru!

Cure Celestial (キュアセレスティアル?) is the pretty Cure form of Odette. She represents the power of planets. In order to transform, she needs the Sparkling Module and her StarLits.



Pretty Cure! Sparkling World! Formation! is Odette's transformation phrase in Sparkl!ng World Pretty Cure!.






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