Scarlett Sweetheart is one of the main characters of Jewel Precure! She is the leader of the group. Her alter ego is Cure Ruby.

About Scarlett Sweetheart

Name: Scarlett Sweetheart   

Age: 14

Eye Color: Brown(Scarlett) Pink(Cure Ruby)

Hair Color: Brown(Scarlett) Red (Cure Ruby)

Alter Ego: Cure Ruby

First Appearance: JPC01

Theme Color: Red                                                                               


Scarlett is a huge fan of superheroes and dreams of meeting or becoming one. She is the student council president and makes sure nobody does anything wrong. Even if she is the student council president she gets detentions because of Safira, she is always with her at a place at the wrong time with her.


Becoming Cure Ruby

On her brother's birthday she and her family went to a park for lunch to celebrate Tom's birthday. Spit appeared and attacked Tom and took his jewel out of his chest that made him pass out. Gem appeared out of the sky and landed in Scarlett's arms and gave her the Jewel Pod that made her transform into Cure Ruby. She was surprised at first but then started to attack the monster. She defeated the Kuraihoseki with Ruby Fire Flame and after her brother woke up she and her family went back to celebrating.


Tom Sweetheart- Her little brother who she cares about dearly.

Safira Connors- Her best friend who gets her into detentions a lot but loves hanging around her.

Cure Ruby

The Jewel of Fire, Cure Ruby!
Hi no hōseki, Cure Rubī!

Cure Ruby (キュアルビー Kyua Rubī) is Scarlett's Pretty Cure alter ego. She controls the power of Fire.


Cure Ruby's main attack is Ruby Fire Flame while her upgrade attack with her weapon Fire Baton is Ruby Fire Flame Wheel.

Jewel Cure Ruby

Jewel Cure Ruby (ジュエルキュアルビー Jueru Kyua Rubī) is Cure Ruby's upgrade form for the movie and the final battle against Steen. Her attack for the movie is Ruby Jewel Ember Burst! with her upgrade version of her Fire Baton which is turned into a sword called Ruby Sword. Her attack in the final battle against Steen with the other Cures is called Pretty Cure Gem Sparkle Jewel! with her Ruby Sword.


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


  • Scarlett appears in Happy Pretty Cure! to lend a helping hand in a few episodes for the main Cures of that series.


Jewel precure! Scarlett

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