Sara Hīragi

柊サラ Sara Hīragi

Sara Hīragi
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Eye ColorAquamarine
Home PlaceYūkibarano
Relativesunnamed father

Haruna Taiki (mother)

Hisayasu Taiki (stepfather)

Yasuharu Taiki (half-brother)

Munenobu Taiki (step-grandfather)

Nijiko Ōmitsu (future sister-in-law)

Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC15
SeiyuuRisa Mizuno

Sara Hīragi (柊サラ Hīragi Sara) is a minor character in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. She is a second-year student at Minwa Academy and best friends with Rio Aramaki and Fu Wakamiya. She was once of Imari Suzukawa's bullies. In Episode 29, it is revealed that Sara is Yasuharu Taiki's half-sister and Nijiko Ōmitsu's future sister-in-law. She never got the family name due to her illegitimate birth.


Sara is a tall, pale-skinned girl with long light blonde hair up in a high bun with aquamarine-coloured eyes and a beauty mark on the left side of her chin.


Sara started out as a cruel girl since she bullied Imari with Rio and Fu. But, later Sara is shown to be a beautiful and elegant girl who has a deep respect for her upperclassmen. Although very blunt, Sara is always thoughtful about other people's feelings and speak up when others don't.


Sara: (サラ) is a Hebrew name that means "princess"

Hīragi: (柊) means "holly"


  • Sara is voiced by Risa Mizuno who voiced Reiko Kisaragi in Go! Princess Pretty Cure!
  • In Episode 29, it is revealed that Sara is a member of the Kendo Team
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