Sapphire Violin (サファイアバイオリン Safaia Baiorin) is a violin-like weapon in Fairytale Pretty Cure! used by Cure Mythical to perform Melodia di Saggezza. The weapon made its first appearance in episode 26 as an old violin in the hands of Tomoka's elder brother Tomokazu, but its powers aren't awoken until episode 27 once they pass through Cure Mythical's hands.

In episode 28, it is revealed that the Sapphire Violin has a lock and could need a key to unlock even greater power.


Before awakening, the Sapphire Violin is described as an old and worn out instrument.

Only activated, the violin becomes pearl-white with pale blue line detail, hearts, and small silver circles going down the center. In the middle is a sapphire gemstone with a pair of bright white wings. From the neck of the violin down to the base is the sparkling strings. The chinrest is blue and heart-shaped. The bow is powder-blue with a small sapphire on the end.

In the center of the violin is a lock.


  • The Sapphire Violin is the eighth instrument-like weapon to appear in the franchise, preceded by the Pine Flute, the Passion Harp, the Shiny Tambourine, the Love Guitar Rod, the Magical Lovely Harp, the Fortune Tambourine, and the Scarlet Violin.
  • The Sapphire Violin, along with the other Fairytale Instruments, have been in a 100-year-old slumber.
  • Cure Myhicals violin was awoken from Tomokazu's old violin.
  • The violin originates from Italy, the Sapphire Violin's main attack, Melodia di Saggezza, which translates to "Melody of Wisdom".
  • The Sapphire Violin is known for using blue-coloured cherry blossoms which symbolizes kindness, gentleness, and the transience of life.
  • The gemstone, sapphire, is believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and royalty.
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