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Saitou Haruma
Saitō Haruma


Birthday DateOctober 16
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceIceland

Saitou Haruma (斎藤春馬 Saitō Haruma) is the pen name for HOHSMidnightWolfie. She is a director and author, best known for Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure! and the Crystal Healers franchise, as well as appearing as a guest in her animes. She has also written many famous songs that feature in her series, including the openings and endings. She is a main character in the Crystal Healers series.


Haruma’s personality is very hard to describe and her friends have stated that it is indescribable. Haruma is two sides of the same coin. Sometimes she’s mature and sometimes she’s childish, sometimes she’s calm and sometimes she’s furious. She is strangely cocky and often speaks formally, even to her friends. This is made clear in episode 2 of Crystal Healers, where she refuses to call the Crystals by their first names because she doesn’t know them very well.

The childish side of her is the side which brings out her many strange catchphrases, as well as her habit of saying random facts. It also gets you to notice the fact that she is obsessed with bananas. She is a goof and has the ability to eat a lot of food, even though she is not hungry.

The mature side of her is the side which brings out her inner Idol. When she’s on stage, she shows of this side more then she does in her actual life. The mature side of her is also the side that thinks about others before herself. When showing off this side, she is considered perfect by many people. In her Crystal form, she is noticeably the most mature.

Haruma thinks of others before herself, leading to her keeping her sadness a secret for her entire life and putting on a smile to cheer others up and push them on. She eventually learnt that she is allowed to be selfish from time to time and that she is allowed to rely on others.


Saitou (斎藤?): 斎 (Sai) means "purification, worship" and 藤 (tou) meaning "wisteria".

Haruma (春馬?): Haruma has many meanings, but the one she is most fond of is spring true. She has stated that she was named that because of her looks. “true” could be a reference to her alter ego in Crystal Healers, Crystal Faith, who is the Crystal of “truth”.



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