Jewel Precure! Safira

what Safria looks like with her hair down

Safira Connors is one of the main characters of Jewel Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Sapphire!

About Safira Connors

Name: Safira Connors

Age: 14

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Lilac(Safira)Light Blue(Sapphire)

Alter Ego: Cure Sapphire

First Appearance: JPC02

Theme Color: Blue


Safira is the class clown of class 8C and teases alot of people. She was born in England but moved to Japan when she was five. She is in the sport's club and is the president of the sports club while her sister is vice president. She is always getting detentions because of her behaviour and she is always dragging Scarlett into the detentions somehow.


Meeting Scarlett

Safira met Scarlett when she first started kindergarden. She saw that Scarlett was alone eating her lunch so Safira went up to her and asked if she could be friends with her and Scarlett happily said yes with a smile on her face.

Becoming Cure Sapphire

She was at school getting her lunch from the canteen and when she got it she walked back to where she left Scarlett to find a girl in red (also known as Cure Ruby) fighting a monster and the monster knocked her food out of her hands and she shouted at the monstered saying that she was eating and ran at the monster when Cure Ruby shouted out her name and she stopped running and caught the DS looking device (also known as the Jewel Pod) and transformed into Cure Sapphire and started running again at the monster and shouted out her attack and defeated it and caught the jewel.


Scarlett Sweetheart- Her best friend and she always gets her into detention by accident but is always happy to have Scarlett keeping her from being bored.

Emily Mcphee- Safira seems to always be seen teasing Emily any time she is with her.

Gem- Gem always seem to agree with anything pretty cure related that Safira says.

Cure Sapphire

The Jewel of Water, Cure Sapphire!

Mizu no hoseki, Kyua Safaia!

Cure Sapphire is Safira's Pretty Cure alter ego. She controls the power of Water.


Cure Sapphire's main attack is Sapphire Water Stream while her upgrade attack with her weapon Water Baton is Sapphire Water Stream Splash!

Jewel Cure Sapphire

Jewel Cure Sapphire is Cure Sapphire's upgrade for the final battle with Steen. Her attack with the other cures is Pretty Cure Gem Sparkle Jewel! with her upgrade version of her Water Baton that is now called the Water Sword because it is a sword.


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