Personal Information
Hair ColorLight blonde
Eye ColorBlack
Home PlaceWelton Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonNight Pursuit Pretty Cure
First AppearanceNPPC01

Safe (セーフ Sēfu) is the main mascot in Night Pursuit Pretty Cure. He is a citizen of the Welton Kingdom but fled to Casablanca City in search of the Pretty Cure.


A peace-loving individual. When his home is attacked, he sets out to find the Pretty Cure to restore his kingdom to peace. Also because of this, when he finds out that the Pretty Cure are actually phantom thieves, he immediately rethinks his choice and refuses to help them for a while before realizing that they have good intentions and really want to help him.


Originally was human but got turned into a fairy.

He is a small white fairy with black eyes and a tuft of light blonde hair. He is frequently seen wearing a brown cape.


Originally from the Welton Kingdom, he fled after seeing what the corrupt ruler did with it, intending to search for the legendary Pretty Cure. On his escape, he was discovered and turned into a fairy as punishment, but still managed to flee his imprisonment.


Safe (セーフ) - a safe is a strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables


Mimoto Miwa - Safe lives with Miwa and the two get along very well, although Safe is often annoyed by Miwa working on new gadgets, as she tends to make a lot of noise during work.

Nakajima Yumia - As Yumia does most of the planning, Safe sometimes refers to her as 'the only competent around'. Usually, the two of them have to get the team back on track.

Azamugawa Satoru - Safe and Satoru stick together whenever they see each other, 'escaping frome the girls' as they call it. When Satoru starts to get closer to Doris, Safe feels left behind but in the end they come to an understanding.

Doris Evans - Safe has a talent of running into Doris and almost gets discovered by her several times. As such, he starts to predict where she will show up for fun.




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